High-density & high-diversity living in Hong Kong & Mumbai

Between mountain and sea

Wah Fu was built according to the principles of Feng Shui facing the sea, its back to a mountain – a feature residents are grateful for.

There is estimated to be around 1 sq m of open space per resident so it is hardly surprising that nobody has private space outside. But, as Mr Wong points out, the concept simply doesn’t exist here.

“Why do we need our own outside space Space is shared by the public. We can walk to the nearby beach park for exercise.”


Comment: This is the concept that high-density developers in the UK especially the government’s delivery vehicle such as English Partnership and her local government partners in places like Milton Keynes would learn from and improve upon before embarking into massive regeneration programme building almost 30,000 new homes within the existing city without much or sufficient thought for the open spaces, water supplies,  essential infra-structures, green & sustainable community living in mixed tenure and multi-ethnic setting that are needed to be in place prior to such massive commitment.


Again those living in North America including Canada with abundance of private space per person (not even considering the excesses of energy consumption) ought to reconsider and re-evaluate their living priorities for the Global good.


Dharavi – Mumbai:


Dharavi offers cheap, central accommodation in Mumbai

This is quite relevant to my earlier entry on Global Urbanisation.

Dharavi also has a large number of thriving small-scale industries that

produce embroidered garments, export quality leather goods, pottery and


Most of these products are made in tiny manufacturing units spread across

the slum and are sold in domestic as well as international markets.

The annual turnover of business here is estimated to be more than $650m

(£350m) a year.

The state government has plans to redevelop Dharavi and

transform it into a modern township, complete with proper

housing and shopping complexes, hospitals and schools.

It is estimated that the project will cost $2.1bn (£1.1bn)


Comment: I wish the State Government Godspeed in delivering

sustainable outcomes befitting such entrepreneurial & stoic people.


I particularly admire their human spirit – which makes the best of what

little space and money they have – effacing all types of adversity and still

retain contentment in their lives as compared to the West which has the

most and yet remains unhappy and discontent and has to invade other

countries to satisfy its greed for more.


Just as in Job-shadowing in essential to equip one with skills one needed,

the time has come for those in the West to do Lifestyle-shadowing in high-

density and high-depravity areas such as Dharavi not only to open their

eyes but to open their humanity-forsaken souls.





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