On This day 1970: Shock election win for Edward Heath


Edward Heath
Throughout his career Edward Heath promoted European Unity

The new prime minister, Edward Richard George Heath, who has led the Conservative party since 1965, has pledged to "restore honesty to government and integrity to politics" and bring to an end what he referred to as "six long years of hard labour".


Comment: Deja vu? Being a Cancerian I did admire his honesty of purpose.


A confirmed bachelor, he has a passion for yachting and classical music.

Comment: A very wise Cancerian indeed.

Throughout the past three weeks, during which all the party leaders have toured the length and breadth of Britain on their arduous election campaign trails, Edward Heath, 53, has consistently offered the British people a new style of government.

As well as his commitment to European unity, he has promised to reduce taxes, cut down on wild-cat strikes by updating the law on industrial relations, and give more help to the poor, the old and the sick by concentrating government subsidies on those that need them most.


Comment: Hang on a minute! Weren’t these New Labour Pledges and Policies in 1997?

Edward Heath has become the new British prime minister after a surprise victory for the
Conservatives in the general election.
Comment: Should New labour dump Blair and adopt Brown & ‘regain’ the public and social
trust – can Tories win in a similar surprise vote? Watch this space.

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