Reader’s Diarrhoea over denigrating survey by Reader’s Digest

diarrhea  diarrhoea



Mumbai resident Anshuli says people are very friendly
Not only those people in Mumbai are upset – their city has been ranked rudest in the world.
Comment: Referring to my previous entry – I have lived in Mumbai. I take a great exception to this balderdash & nonsense – not only because I am of Indian origin – not only because I have lived in Mumbai – not only because I have inherent empathy with the people of Mumbai and other Asian cities denigrated by the same survey – but because the survey is inherently flawed in its assessment criteria and inherent bias. It precisely because of inherent unfairness – that I must protest most vociferously against it.
If I were to conduct a similar survey turning the tables or the chadar or the rattan (rotan – Malay) mats on them I wonder how they’d score if the assessment was exclusively based on how many westerners adhered to Asian etiquette such as:
  • greeting the arrivals by garlanding them with real and fragrant flowers
  • greeting with both palms touching with an appropriate bow to the seniority, esteem and dignity of the recipient like Japanese do or with a similar Namaste, Namaskaar, Namaskaarum, Vannakkam, Sat Sri Akaal, with innumerable derivatives in hundreds of languages and dialects
  • greeting with Salaam Alaikum or similar derivatives of the same greeting whilst touching one’s heart with the right hand
  • greeting with vermilion red dot (or tikka) on the recipient’s happiness spot on forehead with innumerable derivatives of this
  • greeting elders, gurus, teachers, respected and revered others by touching their feet or prostrating before them
  • greeting friends and relatives with appropriate hugs and kisses on cheeks
  • inviting even strangers you’ve just met for a meal at home without having to worry whether the ‘atitthi’ (unexpected welcome guest) would be well received and fed or not
  • starting conversation with and even smilingly genuinely sharing even meagre meals with fellow travellers on public transport

Perhaps other readers would contribute and add to this debate by suggesting more currently appropriate etiquette criteria.


Goes to how stupid and socially irresponsible a magazine of Global reach (but little common sense) can be in insulting and denigrating other cultures based on western social values which after 60 years of their exit from say India are still expected to be, not only, deeply ingrained but actually practiced!


LATEST: Seven men are charged in the US over an alleged plot to attack Chicago. More soon.  Is this going to be similar to WMD & Guantanamo debacle?




4 responses to “Reader’s Diarrhoea over denigrating survey by Reader’s Digest

  1. Vijay

    Each city has pockets of love and hate. The media should highlight the good and play a constructive role in clearing out the bad and should not be irresponsible in reporting.

  2. Anant M

    Thanks Vijay
    Your view is rational & balanced. Mine is vyased.

  3. sweeti's

    I learned a lot abt Asia  Specially India and Sri Lanka last year.And i do have so much respect There are so much good things.Giving ppl eventhough they have almost  nothing..
    Inviting into their homes…So open…..Give u food….
    I have to learn so much still.  But i can tell u Anant My eyes are open now….
    U are so right…Like readerst digest   well Anant thats just to give the readers some things to read its like Gossip magazins. But i can imagine that u protest against this writing coz u know better than any one that u have a respectfull country and we all can learn from this.
    even readers digest journalists.
    TC Anant  Sorry its been a while.But i had a time out
    Much love

  4. Anant M

    Thanks Marij
    I am indebted for your input, whenever you happen to find a moment, especially from an European view. Vijay comments regularly when an article stirs him and compels him to react.
    We all need some time out to re-energise and re-balance of out-of-tune psycho-somatic bundle from time to time. I am currently on my time out – not from Global dialogue but from my work.
    Do keep contributions coming.

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