President Bush in India

The deal was signed during President Bush’s visit to India

Critics believe that at a time when stand-off with North Korea and Iran is deepening, the civilian cooperation deal between US and India severely undermines the global nuclear non-proliferation regime.

Opponents of the deal also believe that by creating an exception for India, US is rewarding a country who has so far refused to sign up to the international nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).


Comment: Rewarding a Country? What does the writer think USA is – some sort of a self-appointed Global monitor & a caretaker? Is it up to USA to dispense ‘justice’ and ‘punishment’ as it deems fit?


Double Standards?


George W Bush with Manmohan Singh

The US sees India as an important democratic ally

Remember, India has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and its military programme will still be hidden away from international inspections.

He [Bush] also has to convince the international community that the US was right to bend the rules just for India.


The favouritism being shown to India is making other countries in the region wary.


Comment: The favouritism being shown to India? What sort of language is this? Is USA deemed to be some sort of a benevolent paternalistic purveyor of Global Baksheesh?


I refer to my previous entry on the very subject:

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  1. Anant M

    Does nuclear status boost India’s clout?

    Taken seriously
    Indian diplomats say that following the tests countries such as France, Germany and the United States began engaging Delhi, particularly in strategic and security dialogues
    Despite its concern, Washington quickly recognised that India was now a declared nuclear power and began to deal with Delhi on those terms.
    "Although the United States did impose sanctions [following the tests] it also began to treat India more seriously," says C Rajamohan, strategic affairs editor of The Hindu newspaper.

    It led to the first really strategic dialogue that India and the United States ever conducted

    Teresita Schaffer Centre for Strategic and International Studies

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    As mentioned before, using such language – is akin to stirring up conflict between Pakistan, China & other Global partners of India.


    I take the same literary license to put the West in my best language – I quote from my previous comment – "India’s position, indeed, is and has always been unique because it has been and has remained non-aligned since its Independence in 1947, has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, has now emerged as a major global economy, political, military and now nuclear force – a force to be reckoned with besides being the largest and the most diverse democracy in the World.

    What choice does US or UK have but to extend their hands in friendship lest the Asia and the South Pacific economies merge to annihilate the West out of existence?"