Annan, Gates, Obasanjo & Geldorf to monitor aid promises which have thus far failed to deliver.
Child in a neighbourhood of Freetown, Sierra Leone
G8 ‘failing to meet aid pledges’
Has the G8 met its promises to Africa?

The coalition of support for the Gleneagles process fractured even before the ink was dry on the declaration.

Apart from Britain, the other European G8 members – Germany, France and Italy – have not yet committed themselves to the funding they promised. Germany in particular, under Angela Merkel, is proving to be lukewarm.

In the US, President Bush is battling with Congress over keeping his promises. He requested a $3bn rise in his aid budget, but Congress has cut that by two-thirds.


Comment: As compared to the discredited G8 (which spent millions on security and meeting) see how effective India & China has been in delivering people beneficial outcomes at the ground level in Africa?

India and China ‘to boost Africa’

The OECD says Indian and Chinese growth has dampened world inflation pressures, lowered global interest rates, and raised raw material prices.

This in turn, it says, has helped to improve Africa’s terms of trade.

It also says China and India are markets for African goods as well as competitors, especially in the export-oriented clothing and textile markets in which quotas to protect African exporters were removed in January 2005.

"On the other hand, African consumers gain from cheap consumer goods sourced from the Asian drivers [India and China] and African investors from cheap and appropriate capital goods" the report says.

The research paper also points out that China and Indian firms are increasingly outward-oriented and resource-hungry.

It says this opens up many opportunities to African governments as Asian corporate presence in India increases.


This is what I have stressed before that the West fears most – The G8 countries’ dwindling influence and credibility couples with impotency in not being able to thrive only because of their ability to manipulate and exploit the resources of the poor (African) countries 


Besides writing-off the debt,

  • there has got to be mutually negotiated commitments from the African Governments and leaders, with reliable and dependable public governance systems and democratic infra-structures, ensuring open, accountable and transparent governance with standards in public service of personal probity and credibility. Although our own government here in the UK has left a lot to be desired in that area. It can hardly be seen as an exemplar.
  • they must stop selling millions of pounds worth of arms to the developing world
  • they must accept that the only difference made was done by adding one to the G7 to G8 is now G1 (g-one back to basics)

  • and despite bequething billions into Africa with the only result being the corrupt leaders are getting fatter and richer while their people continue to starve – is the answer to throw more money away? – that may give some a sense of "feel good" but does little or nothing to alleviate suffering in Africa. Government reform is the answer and Africans must solve that problem without much external influence.

  • the aid givers must recognise that Aid does not and has not worked. We have been giving money to the poor countries (not the third world) for decades and still they have problems. All it appears to have done is inflate the egos of Messrs Bono and Geldorf, made a small amount of corrupt politicians seriously rich and financed, indirectly, armies and insurgents…

  • they must ensure that the money donated by the public will actually reach those who need it the most

  • the western governments ought to be exemplary in not wasting public money like this Govt has in the NHS & NHS IT System, Home Office, Illegal Immigration, Iraq War, ASB, Crime, Sleaze, obscene extravagance like Lord Chancellors Wall-papers, Cherie Blair’s hair dos etc.

  • they must ensure there is accountable account of where all the money not only for past 50 years but but also that collected during Live Aid 13 July 1985 gone?

  • they must examine why do people expect free food to be flown to help them become self sufficient? Imagine if the US decided to ship free food to the UK or France? They did that for India for many years during 1960s a Baksheesh called PL480 (PL stood for Public Loan not a gift). They would rightfully call it dumping and would file a WTO claiming it hurt their farmers. The same thing happens all over the world. Long term charity only promotes dependence. I can see short-term giving to help a crisis but those programs always seem to have ulterior motives.
  • they must ensure education and training of the people needing aid to become self reliant at the quickest. Any unnecessary time taken in that responsibility must be seen as an ulterior motive to inflict dependence (to one’s own benefit) upon the very deprived peoples of this World.
  • Side-by-side the Government of Switzerland and the Swiss Banking dynasty ought to be involved in this task ensuring their rules on secrecy and confidentiality of their bank account holders (mainly the Presidents & Chief Ministers of the poorest African States) does not compromise the wealth and the health of the very, impoverished, African Countries the World is trying to help overcome poverty, hunger, disease and premature death.

As regards the AGOG Panel – the only exemplary person with business acumen and personal credibility as a self-made billionaire philanthropist with a heart of gold – is Bill Gates. I wish him God-speed in this very worthy and august cause.


Please refer to my previous entry: http://vyas7.spaces.msn.com/blog/cns!47CC3F604E92E3C4!401.trak


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