Economic Inequality in India – World Bank Report


India villagers

India’s per capita income is a tad higher than sub-Saharan Africa’s


Homeless people in Karachi

Even smaller inequality means much greater hardship for the poor in South Asia


The problem with South Asia is that, being poor, even this smaller inequality means much greater hardship for the poor and this is what is feeding various kinds of rebellious movements in the region.

This will be one of the most formidable challenges confronting India over the next decade if it is to live up to its promise.

The difficulty arises from the fact that the rising inequality is largely a concomitant of globalisation and, hence, for a single country to take action against this is to take the risk of a pathological backlash on the economy


Comment: On one hand we have the elite who know not how best to use their money (as demonstrated in previous entry) and on the other we have people in abject poverty not being able to have the social mobility to move out of it.

India has the innovativeness. She must find the way to retain the high earning brain capital and yet have an social system able to help and lift poor out that eternal trap of generational settled disadvantage.


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2 responses to “Economic Inequality in India – World Bank Report

  1. sweeti's

    I agree with u Anant…I wrote something like that in my entry
    But u  use better words….haha  
    Anant When i see the pic of those ppl sleeping on the floor
    and im laying in a warm water bed….!!I have times a feel ashamed i do such things and so many ppl dont have a proper bed or even more tragic  dont have food….
    TC Anant   I often say  WAKE UP THE WORLD…
    But Anant the hole world knows this  and let things happen U know that more than me..
    thx for sharing
    Much love

  2. Anant M

    Thank you Marij
    and allow me to reciprocate your sincerity – which when expressed in English, Hinglish, or Euroenglish – still remains essentially sincere. That is what matters. i hope that many millions of bloggers in the future will tap into these dialogues and start an ethereal revolution which may change the direction of the future global governance and the inequalities there in.

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