What, going Dutch even in Government just because the lady is undecided whether she likes chocolatey migrant?

The Dutch government is resigning after losing the support of one of its coalition partners, says Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende.
Mr Balkenende’s announcement came after two days of debate in the parliament, where Ms Verdonk (had threatened to strip former politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali of her Dutch passport because of false information she gave in 1992.) had done a U-turn on her stance on Ms Hirsi Ali, claiming she had found a legal loophole that would allow the Somali-born woman to stay.
  1. Do I suspect an American influence here?
  2. If it is true that Ms Hirsi Ali had knowingly and deliberately falsified her documents for the sole purpose of procuring asylum – even if ‘Iron Rita’ had found a legal loophole that would allow the Somali-born woman to stay – why has ‘Iron Rita’ mentioned this in the parliament?
  3. Why has ‘Iron Rita’ changed her stance?
  4. Should Ms Hirsi Ali be given access to that loophole and if successful – permitted to remain indefinitely?
  5. What signal that would send to those law abiding genuinely persecuted applicants in the rest of the World?

Notwithstanding the fact that I champion equality of access, information and treatment for all those disadvantaged – I certainly do not take kindly to those who take the p**s out of the benevolent countries or (in more polite language) bite the hand that feeds. For me – being firm but fair – is being just that.


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