Bussinessman & an altruistic philanthropist makes a World of a difference with Bill Gates

Further to my previous entry 26/06/06
Annan, Gates, Obasanjo & Geldorf to monitor aid promises which have thus far failed to deliver.
my final paragraph:

As regards the AGOG Panel – the only exemplary person with business acumen and personal credibility as a self-made billionaire philanthropist with a heart of gold – is Bill Gates. I wish him God-speed in this very worthy and august cause.


Today’s announcement validates my assertion:

Warren Buffett

The world’s second richest man has just entrusted a huge chunk of his fortune to the only man with more money than he has. The American investor, businessman and philanthropist, Warren Buffett, has stated his intention to give away 85% of his wealth, mostly to the charitable foundation run by the Microsoft chairman, Bill Gates and his wife.



Buffett with the Gateses

Bill and Melinda Gates with Warren Buffett as he announces his gift
Comment: And why has this other ‘Farishta’ bequeathed his billions to Bill? Simply because Bill has that Global credibility as a businessman and an altruistic philanthropist par
excellence which none of the other panel members of AGOG have or will ever achieve.
For these are two altruistic Americans I not only have greatest respect but also heartfelt reverence. Long may their Global charities continue for a fairer, inclusive, enterprising and equal World?
People may call such people mad. I call them exemplars.


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