Do you want to be really happy?


Another obvious road to happiness is to give to others. Again, corny as heck,

but people who volunteer their time, or write thoughtful notes to others, or donate money or things to charity report immense satisfaction — in other words happiness. It is not only better to give than to receive, it’s a lot better for you.


Comment: That is exactly what I have been doing all along. I should make me enviably happy than you lot. But am I?

I doubt it. It because the happiness state is not simply the state of mind but

also the state of the World around you; mind. This can be personal and varied from inconsiderate and selfish noisy neighbours to being in the middle of crisis

in Gaza or Iraq or simply being affected by such conflict riddled World.

Then, activities like above can remove dissatisfaction but cannot induce satisfaction or

‘happiness’ as it is deemed synonymous with.


To be truly happy, one needs to be altruistic and be at ease and at peace with one’s self and one’s environment.


Latest: 10/07/06 Researchers Study the Correlation Between Money and Happiness

WASHINGTON, USA, June 30, 2006: The well-used adage ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ has been objectified in a study completed by Princeton professors, economist Alan B. Krueger and psychologist and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman, as well as colleagues from three other universities. The news release explains, "The researchers developed a tool to measure people’s quality of daily life known as the Day Reconstruction Method (DRM), which creates an ‘enjoyment scale’ by requiring people to record the previous day’s activities in a short diary form and describe their feelings about the experiences. For the new study, the researchers examined data from a 2004 survey, which surveyed 909 employed women in Texas. The researchers found that role of income is less significant than predicted, and that people with higher incomes do not necessarily spend more time in more enjoyable ways. "

The researchers reached the following conclusions, "The belief that high income is associated with good mood is widespread but mostly illusory. People with above-average income are relatively satisfied with their lives but are barely happier than others in moment-to-moment experience, tend to be more tense, and do not spend more time in particularly enjoyable activities. Despite the weak relationship between income and global life satisfaction or experienced happiness, many people are highly motivated to increase their income. In some cases, this focusing illusion may lead to a misallocation of time, from accepting lengthy commutes (which are among the worst moments of the day) to sacrificing time spent socializing (which are among the best moments of the day)."

Daily Inspiration

In the West we think we are a human being having a spiritual experience. In the East we know we are a spiritual being having a human experience.


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