On This Day 1974: Bomb blast at the Tower of London

An explosion in the Tower of London has left one person dead and 41 injured. No culprit was found and no organisation claimed responsibility, although the IRA was widely suspected
Comment: Nothing new in the current spate of bombings in UK, India, Iraq and elsewhere. If you look at the Timeline: Bombings & Killings you’ll see the frequency and the ‘vengeance’ with which such atrocities were being perpetrated until that is the Govt under John Major offered a hand in genuine negotiations to the IRA which led to the Good Friday Agreement (albeit not without major setbacks).
Hence not terrorising via indiscriminate bombing killing innumerable innocent people, not threatening to do this and that should the other partners fail to adhere to the agreed solution but negotiating with the intent and the ability to stick to the mutually agreed behaviours. The solutions must be grounded solidly in mutual faith, trust and confidence in each other to honour one’s word as one’s bond.

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