Britain once an apartheid society?

Scientists believe a small population of migrants from Germany, Holland and Denmark established a segregated society when they arrived in England.
"The native Britons were genetically and culturally absorbed by the Anglo-Saxons over a period of as little as a few hundred years," Dr Thomas added.
"We believe that they also prevented the native British genes getting into the Anglo-Saxon population by restricting intermarriage in a system of apartheid that left the country culturally and genetically Germanised.
Comment: Does this explain the reason why there has been a need to enact so many equality laws knowing full well that the implementers have no intention of obeying them? Have I been wasting my time exemplifying and advocating equality and diversity and social inclusion?
Conversely can it be said that those immigrant communities that arrived in the last century and have been very successful, may knowingly or inadvertently through genetic behaviour try to replicate what the original Anglo-Saxon migrants did through economic advantage and gene pool preservation coupled with a rather high propensity to propagate?
On the other hand if the current gene pool is mainly European – then why is joining Europe (without losing one’s ‘sovereignty’) is still considered an anathema?
If it can deduced that the migrant communities become averse to their ‘motherlands’ due to one-upmanship complex – what can possibly explain the current Irish American still funding the IRA in Northern Ireland and likewise the American Jewish Community funding the Israel war-machine?

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