Gates – the Farista – divine donor – gives £155 million to HIV research.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

It is the Gates Foundation’s biggest ever investment in HIV and Aids

The money is being split into 16 grants for science teams across the world – with the aim that they work more collaboratively on new approaches.

The 16 grants are being divided between 165 investigators in 19 countries – some of whom are well-known in the area of HIV/Aids research and some who are lesser known.


Comment: This man and this couple is reverent and needs to be revered for their altruistic philanthropy for the benefit of the Man kind globally. They are delivering and have delivered more than any single government or even the ineffective G8, Live Aid or Live8 has done. They deserve a very special obeisance in humble Indian style. I am totally touched beyond any word can express.

Exemplarily they have shown that both heaven and hell are not ethereal truths but the existing truths on this Earth. For those suffering from the terminal hell and inevitability of this condition – their intervention for many will be heaven sent.

They are changing this World for the better not by their words and philosophy alone but by sharing their earned wealth unconditionally.

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