On This Day 2005: IRA declares end to armed struggle

Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was a "step of unparalleled magnitude".

"It is what we have striven for and worked for throughout the eight years since the Good Friday Agreement," he said.


Comment: Since the Bloody Sunday massacre on 13 Nov 1887 and on 30 January 1972 British paratroopers opened fire on civil rights demonstrators in Londonderry. Thirteen were killed. An inquiry in 1972 exonerated the soldiers, concluding they had been fired on first. A new inquiry was re-investigating all the evidence.



Comment: If it has taken over 35 years (since my arrival in Britain) to reach this point in negotiations with the IRA, not inhalation, how much time ought to be accorded to Palestinians and other disadvantaged people to come to the negotiating table????


How much time, thought, energy , effort and money ought to be allocated to dealing with the settled disadvantage withing the indigenous and immigrant communities in the UK?

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