Comment: Having talked about corruption at the heart of Government, to talk about corruption in the Metropolitan Police or even Home Office’s Immigration Dept doesn’t cut much mustard let alone much anything else.
An immigration official allegedly told an undercover Sun reporter he charged up to £2,000 for helping people to get refugee status.
"The immigration system is completely out of control. There are so many loopholes in it that it is shot through with incompetence and corruption and all the loopholes are exploited by criminals.

"We now discover that loopholes are being exploited internally by corrupt officials. It is a very, very urgent problem because this matters in the real world.

"This means there are many hundreds of thousands of people in this country who shouldn’t be here who the authorities can’t trace properly."

"The whole of this wretched government department is rotten to the core,"

Comment: UK Independence Party leader Roger Knapman has got it totally wrong again. It not only the Govt Dept that is rotten to the core – it is the whole Government. As I have shown in the past and now – it is incompetent.


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