* Be the change you want to see in the world.* Mahatma Gandhi stirred Conservative Leader


LEICESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, July 22, 2006: Conservative Party Leader David Cameron recently attended Soar Valley Community College where Morari Bapu was reciting excerpts from the Ramayana to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Shree Jalaram Mandir. Cameron gave the following speech, "Being here today not only reminds me of the lessons offered by Hinduism as a faith, but also of the example set by British Hindus themselves. It’s hardly surprising that British Hindus have been such a successful part of our nation. After all, the values you brought with you when you arrived here are those traditionally associated with Britain: tolerance, honesty, enterprise and respect for the law.

Indeed, in your desire to live independently of the government while never shirking from contributing to the community, you embody the British ideal of balancing freedoms with duties.

I know there are things that worry you. Too often, politicians seem to believe that British Hind us have no problems or concerns, and can therefore be ignored. In a sense, you’re victims of your own success. Everyone knows that British Hindus are good citizens. In your everyday lives – within the family, at work and in the community – you’re making real those famous words of Gandhi: ‘We must be the change we want to see in the world.’ British Hindus are truly British, but have achieved this without giving up their religious and cultural traditions. And if you prefer to be referred to as British Hindus or British Indians rather than as simply Asians, we should welcome that as a positive thing." Cameron was hoping to rally support from the Hindu community who traditionally have supported the Labour Party.


Comment: There is a lot of truth in his claim that British Hindus are victims of their own success. However the article’s claim that Hindu Community traditionally supported Labour Party is not entirely true.

However, I have e-mailed David Cameron thanking him for paying an indirect compliment whether it was Mahatma Gandhi’s message or my exemplifying it that truly influenced his speech to British Hindus in Leicester on 22 July 2006.

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