Metropolitan Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur – Profile

Tarique Ghaffur

Tarique Ghaffur has been a police officer for more than 30 years

Discrimination as a member of a minority community is something Mr Ghaffur, himself a Muslim, experienced first-hand at an early age.

Born in Uganda in east Africa, his family were forced to flee their native land when dictator Idi Amin expelled most of the country’s minority Asian population in 1972.

Just two years later, aged 16, he began his police career as a PC with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) in Salford.

Comment: AC Tarique Ghaffur is one of innumerable British Muslim Asians who have made good. I am proud of him and his achievements as his picture appeared on my blog long before he became known to the wider community. I have e-mailed him bepraising him regarding his attendance at the 14 July Multi-Faith Prayers in Memory of those who lost their lives in Mumbai Bombings.!47CC3F604E92E3C4!904.entry


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2 responses to “Metropolitan Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur – Profile

  1. sweeti's

    He can be proud Anant   I agree   .Head up  He got the chance to do this .. and of course everything  and everybody around him to accept him like colleagues..
    Coz most of the time   its sooo hard to see what happens with ppl Who do their best and not being accepted ..Thumbs up   TC
    Much love Marij

  2. Anant M

    Yes; indeed Marij. Yes; indeed.

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