‘Double standards’ foreign policy

MP Sadiq Khan, who signed the letter, said British foreign policy was seen by many as unfair and unjust.

"Whether we like it or not such a sense of injustice plays into the hands of extremists," he said.

Comment: The British Muslim Communities are now refelecting my analysis publicisised pre-General election 05/05/05.

See attached previous entries.

16/04/2005 My vision – how multi-ethnic Britain can be at ease with itself


London mayor says West fuelled Islamic radicalism 20/7/2005 12:52:49 PM

16/07/2005: Muslim leaders in Britain call for action concurring with my visionary paper of 5 Dec 2004
Britain’s top Muslims have branded the London suicide bombings "utterly criminal, totally reprehensible, and absolutely un-Islamic".


Date: 13/07/05 10:21:26

Preventative vision and strategy – the best way to tackle high risk, left-behind, alienated groups – home-grown British bombers

E-mail to Deputy Prime Minister, English Partnership, Milton Keynes Parnership Committee following MK2031 Seminar of 10/06/05


13 August 2006: Minister criticises Muslim letter


An open letter, signed by three Muslim MPs, three peers and 38 community groups, said the stance on the

Middle East has put civilians at risk.

MP Sadiq Khan, who signed the letter, said British foreign policy was seen by many as unfair and unjust.

Comment: The Govt and the BBC are getting into dangerous grounds further alienating democratically elected Members of Parliament if they begin to identify them by their religious affiliations.

Secondly, long before Sadiq Khan MP claimed the Govt Foreign Policy was seen as being unfair and unjust, I
stood on an Independent Platform more than an year ago for the very reason that the Govt’s internal as well as
external Policies are unfair and unjust.
John Reid, Home Secretary, said this morning that the Intelligence Services had thwarted an Al Qaeda plot as early as 2000 in Birmingham which pre-ceded Iraq – a spin to say that British Muslims’ disaffection due to
Govt’s Iraq & current Middle East stance is ill founded.
Least did he realise that the alienation of muslims as well as other communities within UK happened due to the Govt’s unthinking and unconditional support for the USA Foreign Policy and especially after the assault on Afghanistan.



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2 responses to “‘Double standards’ foreign policy

  1. sweeti's

    its been so long i visited ur blog….sorry  Anant..Much work @ office and @ home
    we leaving for a vacation to Indonesia sept 1.
    TC and much love for u andr loved ones

  2. Enter

    Unsound and ill thought foreign policy stances have always divided people. Only a spirit of true co-operation and camaraderie can repair the damage.

    "Sillygloop" Vijay here (in case u didn’t figure that out already)…Started another space (this one’s on uniquely Indian experiences)…take a dekko when u find time. Have a great weekened 🙂

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