Comment: This is very welcome indeed. However just like Race Discriminations Laws since 1976 – this too will have to run and run until all the aggrieved older people are long gone. I am not a pessimist but a realist.
The Chancellor has only just mentioned what I have maintained all along – that we must ensure that we have the educational edge in the Global labour market. This incompetent government has ruined a whole generation of young pupils through ideologica  experimentation. Having realised that they have made a sorry mess – they now wish to go back to the basics – which is what I have been preaching since 1980s as a Chairman of First Scholl Governors viz that there ought to be equality of access for both sexes right to University level, that there ought to be compulsory physical training, inter-school games, athletics, after school activities, lessons in nutrition, how to prepare healthy meals, science applied to health and how to be responsible citizens and learning the three R’s. Having eroded these values – we have been producing dunces of this World who cannot count, spell, write, analyse or speak properly to sell themselves in the current labour market..
What sort of role models and older people they’d make? The turn-around must happen now lest we want all our future service industry jobs to go to overseas graduates. The future migration may not be as much in people ‘swarming’ the coasts of Britain but of jobs that will inevitably go to the best value-for-money quality service providers living in their own countries some where on this Earth. That is the reality of economic migration – outwards – permanently.
Britain had better watch it! (please excuse any mistakes as my ability to proof read my own text is limited by vision which is grossly undermined by my malfunctioning PC)


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  1. Destiny Queen

    Absolutely Anant! I am with you in this!
    I too don’t understand how children are being brought up here! Computerised technology, which permits them to copy all info and knowledge…the basics are crumbling, even in the job market they probably have the degree or qualifications but lack even the basics…when it comes to facing it practically!
    I am not sure but i feel even in maths they use calculators…now i wonder when we become so dependent on such concepts where does the mind run? (sorry to say i failed in maths, but i do understand maths is needed sumwhere).
    At home the children are exposed to pressures and responsibilities too early…the childhood as it is,is snatched….the basic emotional bonding goes for a sixer,(what to mention of early pregnancies), why this common sense is lacking i am not able to understand that a human needs the basic emotional bonding in building a psychology,structuring and conditioning of mind! when they have not realized this, what future are they preparing?what does future generations stand on? the foundation is so weak….
    there will be two factors…either they will become zombies or they will rebel and make a further mess…they will repeat the same pattern,a handful will try to balance it out…and due to the immense stress…even somewhere they will imbalance…such will be the future of this country i strongly feel!
    In this country i strongly feel the children should be educated regarding budgeting,expenes,credit cards,cooking,sharing,sex,(giving condoms is not the solution,giving them emotional bonding is imp,they miss this and go seek it in other forms,alas! making a further mess)using common sense,even undertstanding what fabric/clothes they wear(not talking of fashion), to understand which material one should invest in…so to use the right material….and not invest just for fashion…this would save a lot for these growing children.Who is there to guide them? So it should be a part of their education in school!
    One frustration leads to the other…so many new set of disorders will form up in the due course of time!
    Its just not the poor but even the rich are not eating proper meals due to lack of time!
    On top of that i believe they have stopped home science…and it is a choice…and they will get a certificate saying they can work in the kitchen….now this is simply pathetically outrageous! Is everything just a peice of paper here? Can they look beyond paper?
    If they don’t even get the basic knowledge of food values, family is not there to prepare a decent meal, work pressures are there…can your government provide a knife to each child here!!!! A Handful of imbalanced clouts …can’t they see what grave danger they pose for the future?
    Being present in school, allows emotional bonding of a different level, the human touch,the human sound,the human look, is so important for their growth, learning from computers etc …alleinate them from all this bonding,
    Can they be firm enought to set a fixed set of code of conduct…wear one uniform and not make a fashion parade, don’t tell me education makes one so illiterate that they set such substandard foundations! School is for mental,emotional,psychological growth, not for sex growth alone! nor to make it a stage for fashion shows!
    Freedom is given to those people who respect freedom, freedom means responsibility and this again begins from home! Parents wake up…just don’t blame the government and escape, each one is responsible! We make the government,the government does not make us! Atleast see the basics are nurtured well, when basic psycholgy,bonding is strong the kids will make strong and balanced decisions!
    I have not seen schools here, but somewhere i do question people, and it leaves me amazed!
    Have a Pleasant Evening Anant!

  2. Destiny Queen

    What are 3 r’s Anant?

  3. Destiny Queen

    Sorry I feel aapko Anant bolkar I am not doing justice! Anand jee bolungi!
    kahi aap sehem gayeh meri harkat seh…kahi aapko laga aapki scrutiny kari jaa ruhi hai….
    App kya kimat deh ruheh hai samaj sakti hu…batimizi ke liyeh maafi chahungi!
    Kahi Aapka space udaas sa laga…rung bharne ah gayi thi…dari thi zaroor….par fir aap insaan hi tho hai!
    Smile (ps kabhi kabhi parehshaan kiya karungi…buri adaaat hai…hunsungi nahi tho meri zubaan meh taala lag jaatha hai)

  4. Destiny Queen

    Word  format meh aapna comments likhkar paste kareh…it will give u less headaches…than struggling here in this clogged comment box!

  5. Destiny Queen

    mazaak bhi nahi karungi baas!
    Seriously reply karungi…koi hunsi nahi koi mazak nahi….
    ab agar reply nahi denge tho i will understand!
    Good Night

  6. Destiny Queen

    Aisi batimizi meneh ki…koi karan tho hoga hi…..
    karan na puchiye ab….jawab bhi aapko maloom hoga!

  7. sweeti's

    They can make more laws and more ……. But this wont help.   I know for sure….coz discrimination of  age  colour   religion….will be haunting us 4 ever AnantThats wht i thinkTCThe best for u and ur family

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