Gandhi Remembered on his birth anniversary 2 October 2006

  • The Gita is not only my Bible and my Koran, it is more than that, it is my mother.  Mahatma Gandhi
  • The lives of Zoroaster, Jesus and Mohammed, as I have understood them have illumined many a passage in the Gita.
  •  To one who reads the spirit of the Gita, it teaches the secret of nonviolence, the secret of realizing self through the physical body. Mahatma Gandhi

Comment: I hope that those who have asked questions in the past about Gandhiji would find what ever they are looking for in this link. Those who have yet not asked any questions, undoubtedly will after visiting this link.

My tuppence worth:

My concise explanation of inherent meaning (arrth) contained in that Mahakavya The Mahabharat  is that it:

 §          Disseminates vyas* Dharma-Shashtra (Emotional Intelligence) treatise exemplifying social and ethical principles, globally persuasive, for sustainable cohesive coexistence

 Footnotes & meaning of words used in this sentence for ease of reference only:

 §          Disseminate: spread to distribute or spread something, especially information or become widespread. 

 §          vyas*= Sanskrit meaning – voluminous or outer Space (infinite or anant). Rushi Véd Vyas earned that name; I’m told, precisely because of his voluminous poem (mahakavya) summarising all 4 Véds in Bhadvadgita. Thus also known as the Fifth Véd.

 §          Dharmashashtra (one word): Dharma = the truth about the way things are, and will always be, in the universe or in nature, especially when contained in scripture or the true nature of things (as in Bhadvadgita – the essence of all Vedic knowledge); Shashtra = science of or art of or instructions in. Thus Mahabharat teaches Dharma, the righteousness above everything else.

 §          Emotional Intelligence = A common core of personal and social abilities has proven to be the key ingredient in people’s success. " Our mind is like a garden, which can either be cultivated or be allowed to run wild." Today Emotional intelligence carries much more weight than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader. Herein, in my view, the word Dharma-Shashtra can be interchanged with Emotional Intelligence which is currently vogue and has rapidly gained relevance in the 21st Century in every walk of life. 

 §          Treatise = detailed written account of a subject or a formal written work that deals with a subject systematically and usually extensively.

 §          Exemplify: be an example of something: to show or illustrate something by being a typical or model example of it viz. " He exemplifies all the qualities of a natural leader."

 §          Ethical: consistent with agreed principles of correct moral conduct viz. "While such activities are not strictly illegal, they are certainly not ethical."

 §          Sustainable: social, environmental & economic wellbeing (devoid of inequalities and injustice and thus devoid of any conflict) that is capable of lasting indefinitely due to inherent local & global benefits.

 §          Cohesive: unified: sticking, holding or working together to form a united whole.

 §          Coexistence: live together peacefully: to occupy the same space (planet) in a peaceful way.

 Gandhiji’s Political Significance




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29 responses to “Gandhi Remembered on his birth anniversary 2 October 2006

  1. Trouble

    Hi Anant,Yes, I was sick of that "yellow" look so I decided to change today. My friends were sick of looking at the previous pic so I changed that too! :)I’m in kolkata these days. I’ve been sent here for a year by my company. Otherwise, I’m in their noida office.Have a nice weekend!Cheers,Divoo

  2. Destiny Queen

    Looool Anant Jeee……..
    Laughing out loud…so loud soooo louuuuud……….looooool…..lllloooooool!
    aapke comments dungi wapis ….abhi me in a very very spunkyy mood….ye na ho kahi aapki tang kheench duh fir looooooooool!
    ati hu!
    Mew Mew!

  3. Destiny Queen

    By the way kabhi kaheh chand kabhi kaheh drama hai hum….sahab hum tho clear hai…….nahi bolungi meri so called identity…jao kya kar lenge??
    loooool kaha tha na evil mood meh hu!!!

  4. Destiny Queen

    Drama Queen ke rights have been allocated to an exclusive one!
    Koi aur naam ka list bhej dijiye……aapko khabar kar dungi muje koun si pasand hai!
    Evil one thik hai …hai na??

  5. Destiny Queen

    Anant Jee!Here I am!
    Ah! what did i find interesting,the accuracy of my intuition & ESP about you or the fact that I bothered? BOTH!
    One can prove anything by statistics but simply not the truth!
    I may not be a champion in all this…but i am a champion in leg pulling you can see that!
    Wow! Your new post….
    I don’t believe in any religion! So all this won’t have much debate from my side…i feel religion is a weapon for the weak to use on the weak!
    I don’t know much about our epics…all I know is Lord Ram was Mr. coward of the first order, I feel sorry for sita…she should have enjoyed with ravana…if this is what her destiny was to be(she has a choice for certain lol)…ravana the most intelligent man in the universe…yet he had his needs his desires…weaknesses…though he behaved like a gentleman…I can see clinton now!
    Aw! it is better for me not to say much about these religious factors…when i have no knowledge of it…somewhere we were so advanced…draupadi had more than one husband…I wonder why in muslim culture they can marry four together…wonder why these exclusive rights…i can see we were more advanced…woman had these rights…
    What Moral ethics do we talk of here? Who made these moral ethics?how many follow these so called moral values?Is it justified to lay such conditions where due to compulsion ,needs,desires,agony,weakness,circumstances,etc these values go for a sixer…and then a veil is put for the world…why? Are we living in reality or a bagful of rules…to be made and broken…due to so many reasons…the powerful ones will break it and yet move on…the rules break the weak one!Brilliant keep it up!
    Have a nice evening!Smile!

  6. Destiny Queen

    Dekha – mein akela nahi hoon. Chandigarh ka chakor bhi chaand ki pahechaan ki umeed rakhta haii. 🙂 Yeh drama nahi tau kya hai? 🙂
    Ek  insaan ko dusre insaan ki pehchaan hai kya ye kafi nahi?
    Naam dekar hi tho pehchaan ki asli pehchaan kahatm ho jaathi hai!

  7. Anant M

    Where is Noida? Which Firm do you work for?
    Should you visit the Ram-Krishna Mission and eat Kolkutti channa – think of me.
    DQ Jee
    Why such rapid mood swings? Going through that phase?
     “Drama Queen ke rights have been allocated to an exclusive one!” – who is the fortunate soul?
     New title – Princess of Veils – kya khayal hai apka?
    “Naam dekar hi tho pehchaan ki asli pehchaan kahatm ho jaathi hai!” – please explain or give an example so I can understand your assertion.
     Intuition & ESP – are called sixth senses – not statistical manipulations. It is said women have highly developed intuition – may be you’re an anonymous champion?
     You have a medal in leg-pulling. Muje behaal kar diya hai. Ek taang lumbi ho jaane se – desert mein khoya hua lungrha ki tarah chakkar hi maar raha hoon. Abhi dusri taang pey meherbaani kijye taaki dono equal hojaye.
    My latest entry – you did debate it and enjoyed it despite a little apprehension at the start. Please take some time to really understand my ‘tuppence worth’. It is about the totally inclusive way of life – not a religion – thus including atheists and agnostics.
    On my entries about Ireland and sectarian conflict created by different schools of thought within one religion – Christianity. It is worth understanding ‘How can the Global community avoid conflict arising out of diversity of belief systems?’
    Answer: Ensuring Quality, Uncontaminated education which ought to include multi-faith appreciation at primary school accepting internationally accepted theological concepts of Henotheism & Panentheism and non-theism.
    ·  Henotheism is defined by Webster’s as "the belief in or worship of one God without denying the existence of others."
    ·  Hindus believe that there is one all-pervasive God which energizes the entire universe. We can see Him in the life shining out of the eyes of humans and all creatures. This concept of God as existing in and giving life to all things is called "panentheism." It is different from pantheism, which is the belief that God is the natural universe and nothing more. It is also different from theism which says God is only above the world. Panentheism is a beautiful concept. It says that God is both in the world and beyond it, both immanent and transcendent. That is the Hindu view. Hindus also believe in many devas who perform various kinds of functions, like executives in a large corporation. These should not be confused with God. There is one Supreme God only. What is sometimes confusing to non-Hindus is that we may call this one God by many different names, according to our tradition. Truth for the Hindu has many names, but that does not make for many truths.
    Hinduism it is not only belief and intellectual understanding that is important. Hindus place the greatest value on experiencing each of these truths personally.
    Some Hindus believe only in the formless Absolute Reality as God, others believe in God as personal Lord and Creator. Hinduism gives us the freedom to approach God in our own way, without demanding conformity to any dogma. This freedom makes the concept of God in Hinduism the richest and the most diverse in all the world’s religions (accepting and inclusive of all schools of thought including Atheism). Hence, religious pluralism means embracing all schools of thought – not only monotheism and polytheism.
     Given this argument – ‘tolerating or respecting’ other religions seem too weak a notion to combat Global conflict. Without such introspective education – there is no hope of any peace as all three Abrahamic religions Christianity, Islam & Judaism are essentially exclusivist ideologies
    I hear your view on Raam, Sita and Ravana but what I am debating is the ‘Universal Truth’ which pervades the entire Space – it beyond any anecdotal (kahanis) stories.
    Yes; the Indian civilisation has been the most advanced in the World. Analysing Mahabharat one realises that there was equality (with izzat) for women and sexual diversity.
    What does God Do? He writes Poetry. What has He written? A single verse, the universe. Swami Veda Bharati
    Of all the scriptures in the world, it is the Vedas alone that declare that even the study of the Vedas is secondary. The real study is that by which we realise the Unchangeable. And that is neither reading, nor believing, nor reasoning, but superconscious perception, or samadhi. Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902)

  8. Destiny Queen

    Lovely day Anant Jee!Mood swings…because they are moods it swings…
    The Exclusive One…will remain exclusively where he should be!
    You are not able to call me DQ…..So be it Princess of veils! Why can’t we call a spade a spade I wonder!
    Long description short>>>From the moment we are born till the time we die…one name after the other…one identity layered after the other…child…teenage…adult…student…professional…etc etc it goes on….all conditioned posts and positioning…the real self still remains covered…as it’s covered with so many veils of time!
    I understood Esp…I was focusing on horrorscopes…if i said you are right does not really mean you are right…i could be saying to please you! As that is what you want to see!Hook or by crook! mew mew!
    You look nice when you get lost in the desert lol….yeppers!!! permission granted for further leg pulling I am honoured!
    What is God? Who is God? Where is God? manmade structures and sentiments and values attached to it…so be it…I don’t look into this sector!
    This conflicts of different school of thoughts within one religion etc…i think there are more important factors in life to be struggled with than all these so called beliefs…..Children are dying,people are murdered,terrorism,hunger,famine,imbalance and misuse of power…Why can’t we walk with clarity…why do we need to clear all these issueless debris to reach a goal or target? Why give birth to all these baseless points to waste time on? So much of resources and help would come if these petty things did not exist!
    If God and such conflicts cause so much of disharmony i shun them!
    lets not blow our trumpet…(izzat for women)if we were advanced what did we do with that power? sell our woman in a game of dice? How selective we are i keep wondering!
    Tell your god to go on writing poetry…we need to face facts not poetry!
    I don’t know what vedas taught or teach all i can see there is suffering!We are still fighting on petty issues!
    I wish i had no perception it kills!How helpless I remain!

  9. Destiny Queen

    Too much knowledge also ruins at times! Intellectual understanding is an inborn trait in all humans…we were born with our set of basic intelligence ..somewhere if education has given us more insight it has created undue problems also.
    Each generation will face a similar problem with a new dimension….and because it is a new dimension …new fresh minds will need to handle it as the older generation is too engrossed in values and conflicts of their time!
    Ask the people out there, do they want to educate themselves more or do they want to clear the debris created and left strewn all over our globe? We go on advancing and leaving our debris for the next generation to clear? is this what education did to intelligent minds?
    We keep running in circles…creating and destroying the younger generation with so much conflicts which basically is not their share!
    Ask them do they want to understand different schools of conflicted issues of religion,multifaith,did they ask their elders to create diversity of belief systems? One power crap after the other?
    They seek freedom from all these barriers created by man for man! these multi barriers have created chaos of all orders!!!!
    Don’t you think people end of the day feel life is just not about ideals and ideologies…its about what these factors have done finally? HORROR!!!!!!Where do they stand? Fight it down or fight real problems that face our lives?
    I don’t care what Hindoos did, what muslims did what christians etc did!!!!
    I do see what these manmade factors did and do to our mankind!!!!!
    Ok here i go for a samadhi….>>>>>>>>ommmmmm!

  10. Destiny Queen

    Awwww Anant Jee I don’t think i am the right person to debate on this issue…..honestly….somewhere i don’t know what or why i write!

  11. Destiny Queen

    I am trying to understand that you are trying to make a passage of balance between these barriers created by man!
    And my issue is why create and go on creating such issues!
    One of us is going to get lost here!!!!
    You or Me!
    I prefer snoozing eh heh!

  12. Destiny Queen

    When you yourself are surrounded with fear of your culture being terrorized by the western world, I wonder what walls can you break!

  13. Destiny Queen

    Auuuf i need coffee….dunno why  me racking mah brains…sab khali ho gaya!Ab kuch nahi bacha..

  14. Destiny Queen

    By the way what is this what are you trying to say?If i may ask?
    Going through that phase?

  15. Anant M

    DQ Jee (Queen of Spades) J
    Gussay mein.. gussay mein …itna kuchh likh dala.
    You have made numerous entries in impulse without introspection and understanding my argument.
    I am not afraid of my culture being ‘terrorised by the Western values’. As you can see I have promoted the good parts (whilst criticising the negative parts) to such an extent that the leaders of opposition parties in England & Wales have been influenced by them. Slowly but surely I am having an impact. Even my voluntary contributions to community governance – has lead to the concept of ‘Social Responsibility’ within the New Conservative Values.
    You have as much right as any to express your opinions but if your target cannot understand your riddles – the communication is not successful. For it to be successful …it has to create the desired effect. I hope you understand.
    I am keeping this deliberately short so that you have more time to consider, weigh up, accept or reject.
    Good night J

  16. Destiny Queen

    Kasam se  Anant jee…..dimag nahi chalta isseh ageh……
    Loooooooool queen of spades looooool shoo cute!

  17. Destiny Queen

    Bahut gussa aya Anant jeeI am sorry like i said…..I am unable to think beyond……Dimag aur nahi hai ab ka karu?
    Somebody once rightly said….dimag khali hai usme itna soch leti hai bechari!
    sab khichri bana diya….
    Have a Good Night!

  18. Destiny Queen

    You  need a better mind to debate here! I will watch and learn!

  19. Anant M

    DQ Jee
    Chill out but chilana nahi. Why pull or tear your hair out? Kahi koi ‘Princess of Wails’ na kahe? 🙂
    There is no need to apologise again & again. I find it embarrassing. There is no need to put yourself down. I am not going to denigrate you or deny you the right and the opportunity to comment on any aspect of my disseminations.
    I hope you do continue to contribute – constructively 🙂

  20. Destiny Queen

    Hello  Anant Jee…..
    Thank You!
    bahut waqt baad kuch pal chayn ke le ruhi hu…before i fly to new horizons……
    Thank You
    Smile its a lovely day…….kahi ur janeh ko jee kareh hai…flap! flap!

  21. Destiny Queen

    "Sticks her tongue out"
    Mew mew talk of constructively eh heh!!! evil mind brewing a potion!
    eh heh!

  22. Destiny Queen

    Naam pe naam diyeh jaateh hai……
    kyu badnaam kiyeh jaateh hai!
    kyu lakir ke fakir mil jaateh hai,
    yu hi taqdeer likhe jaateh hai…
    mew mew

  23. Destiny Queen

    Shukriya Anant Jee!

  24. Trouble

    Hi Anant,Noida is a city in U.P. It’s very near to Delhi and it’s almost like a mini-delhi. I work with Interra Systems as a technical writer.How about you? Where are you based and where are you originally from?Cheers,Divoo

  25. Jitender

    You want me to work for the betterment of a community to whom I am just another inconsequential beggar? I have a better idea, I will leave this community and go live among strangers where by law I have certain basic rights.And what’s with all the indian-ness when you are trying to run for parliament in the UK? I find that extremely wrong. I would not want someone from Greece coming to india, running for parliament by espousing Greekdom just because it was so great. Why don’t you run for parliament in that country and a British citizen? Your whole blog is like a shameless promotion for india and yet you live in the UK and are running for parliament there. I dont see you mentioning anything that is great about the UK, its history, its civilization, its values, its leaders, its gods that makes you run for parliament there. Why don’t you imitate Jesse Khangura and come back to some backwater village in Punjab and run for parliament here?I mean if india is so great and you feel so strongly about it then why aren’t you here? Or is it fashionable for brown-skins in England to conduct a perpetual exhibition of their "heritage" without ever living amongst it?And BTW, Gandhi was a dumbfuck. If he had shown the same balls he showed the British there would be no Pakistan. Noooo, but he wanted to go, "Jinna mere bhai" and today hundreds die at the hands of Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Just because Gandhi didn’t have the balls to say "No."Finally, why does your profile look like a lawyer’s "Ego Wall"? Unless of course you created this blog just to let people know how great you are and what great things you have achieved as a "NRI".Don’t bother lecturing me on what to do with india as long as you think it is this wonderful place when you cannot be bothered to live here. Abandon the UK, settle down here, THEN tell me how to fix the problems in india. It’s easy to tell someone to fix a problem you do not have to face with every breath you take. In my book, its call hypocrisy.And unless you can use the devanagri font, please limit typing in hindi to the occasional word. Phonetic reading is tiresome and the accents are usually murder.If anyone truly wishes to understand Gandhi, they should read "Gandhi-vadh Kyon?" by Nathuram Godse. A book that has been banned by the lot of cowards that call themselves "Indians".

  26. Destiny Queen

    Morning Anant Jee!
    I am reading…i can see reality beyond those gali’s………
    Gali bhi ek awaaz hai…
    shayri bhi ek awaaz hai!
    Aapna aapna andaaz hai!
    Kiss kissko denge saaza!
    I wish more people could look  into this and have a say…
    Have a nice day!

  27. Destiny Queen

    I feel we made Gandhi….Gandhi did not make us!

  28. Destiny Queen

    I wonder if there was some underlying weakness in Gandhi, to let pakistan split?
    And I wonder when we the people of India could make Gandhi what let us break our world in two? Why ? If we could fight a power like the british, Why did we fail to keep ourselves united with Pakistan? Who gave Gandhi these rights to take a decision that  causes our new generation  suffering and will suffer till eternity?
    was gandhi seeking power? To be spoken of highly by the pakistanis then? or  We the people  of india blindly followed and pulled two generations of two worlds India and pakistan apart with venom that spits fire now?
    I dont understand, were we giving respect to gandhi after our victory of shedding the british, and is this what  he did with the respect we showered on him? The trust????He tore us apart?
    Or he had an underlying weakness which the world either cannot see or dont want to see….matter of convenience…..
    I do wonder…..

  29. Anant M


    In my opinion the Sanskrit text Satyam bruyat priyam bruyat, Na bruyat satyamapriyam means that one should speak the truth in gentle language. One had better not speak it if one cannot do so in a gentle way, meaning thereby that there is no truth in a man who cannot control his tongue. Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)
    Your reaction has been as predictable as that of the bull in the Spanish bullring.
    Basic rights? Every right is achieved only with a reciprocal responsibility. If you cannot accept and discharge your responsibility in your own Country (except for abusing her at every opportunity) – there is no Country or employer on Earth that will accept such antagonism and negativity which undoubtedly will show up in your self presentation. This is not a lecture. It is a fact. If you want a 360 degree feedback – you only have to ask your best friends – only those who have the b***s to tell you the truth on your face.
    You may find my ‘Indian-ness’ whilst running for English & Wales Parliament ‘extremely wrong’ whilst you find such obnoxious ‘gadhdari’ (dis-loyalty) against your own motherland quite acceptable and even entertaining. If that is not an exhibitionist chutzpah, self-aggrandising one’s failing and sheer negativity through foul language blaming it all on one’s motherland’s mis-government (which you have helped elect) – what is it? So, now convince your peers, who may have inflated your ego, what was YOUR actual motive for starting your Blog?
    When you have answered that, ask yourself – would you have had the temerity to use such language if you were in China? If not – ask your self again – how did such freedom come about in India? Who was instrumental in bringing about that change? At what cost and sacrifice?
    When you have managed to answer that – ask yourself – if Netaji Subhashchandra Bose had accepted the opportunity to be the first Leader in the Independent India – would such democracy, as you enjoy it, have survived?
    If not – ask yourself again – would today’s India have been like the Military Govt in Pakistan or Myanmar or an oppressive communist govt like in China or Korea?
    Once you have thought through – remember that the Indo-Pak separation was NOT of Gandhi’s making. It was the British strategy to retain ‘indirect control’ though induced conflict forever in the region. Gandhiji had suggested that Jinnah should be the first PM of Independent (un-separated India) only to avoid splitting. But Jinnah and Mulana Azad did not want that due to ‘other’ influences. No prizes for guessing the origin of those influences!
    I am not an NRI. Whilst I was studying there surviving on meagre sustenance per month including my accommodation and living costs, I was considered a ‘firangee’ a foreigner because I held a British passport. As a result I had no alternative but to opt for the only five medical seats amongst 45 BMA approved medical schools (of total 95 some of which also accepted capitation for entrees which I though was wrong and could ill afford it) which were open for foreign students. There were several thousand foreign students from various Countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Surinam, Mauritius, South Africa, Fiji etc. Needless to say the competition and ‘jaan – pahechaan’ was order of the day. Am I bitter and twisted?
    A lot of young people of today have yet to be graduated from the University of Life. This is neither a lecture nor a derogatory put down. It is a fact.
    Yes, I have lived a lot amongst the disadvantaged Indians as I myself do not come from any privileged background.
    I cannot run for Parliament in India, as I am not an NRI as an India born person.
    Whatever you may think of us ‘brown-skinned babus in UK’ – we have to make the most of the available opportunities without treading on each other’s inter-community toes. It is not fashionable but quite necessary to project and promote one’s own ethnicity ad diversity if only to teach the ‘goras’ the whites what the finer differences are. I have been promoting myself as myself – not as some body’s chamcha (boot licker). My profile promotes my own achievements – which are necessary to influence voters especially in an ‘intelligent, thinking and discerning and articulate’ population.
    I am of British East African (Kenyan) Indian Hindu origin and very proud of it too.
    In this Country facing similar disadvantages – we (the entire Asian Culture Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslims including Bangladeshis) have to play down our differences and promote our common diversity and fight a common battle. Because of recent suicide terrorism – Hindus wish to alienate themselves from the ‘British Asian’ classification. Side by side Faith schools – are increasingly creating separate identities along religious lines, which in my view is not conducive to community cohesion in this foreign country. Quite rightly, I do not condone right-wing ideologies including those perpetrated by the RSS and its ‘chamcha’ Nathuram Godsey.
    If you want to really understand the intricacies of 1946 pre-Independence negotiations – the link here gives you and all those like you are curious the access to British Archives of actual data collated at that time.
    <<The National Archives  Quick search.url>>
     After digesting all this – should you have any questions – please do not hesitate to ask.

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