General Sir Richard Dannatt v Blair on Iraq debacle

Comment: Blair could not have engineered it better – to skilfully and diplomatically withdraw from pro-American stance, set the scene skilfully for the ‘exit strategy’ (which critics claim never existed), exit claiming credit for himself ensuring a relatively ‘publicly popular’ succession of the next leader in hope for (at least) bequeathing a (turned-around) winnable legacy for the fourth consecutive general election. Very shrewd, clever and skilful.

Hello Anant!
Here’s your horoscope for OCTOBER 14, 2006.

You might have some powerful intuitive moments today, Anant. You’ve always been a closet psychic. Your friends might not realize this, but you can often sense what is happening to them long before they actually tell you. Your ability to pick up impressions and resonate with vibrations is part of the essential you. But today this side of you could be even stronger. So pay attention to what your sixth sense is telling you.



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7 responses to “General Sir Richard Dannatt v Blair on Iraq debacle

  1. sweeti's

    Anant I heard Mr Blair doing his talking abt witdraw….What do they leave there  a Big mess….have no other word…..TC Anant   have a very sweet peacefull weekend

  2. Anant M

    They have jointly (USA & Britain) created the mess when they colluded to such a nefarious exploitation. Britain (mainly Tony Blair) will need to distant herself from the USA (its ally) just before Bush’s second and final term (which has ended al but in real time) comes to its natural end.
    the true reason for seemingly ending the unholy alliance (in the eyes of the World only) is for the good of the New Labour Party and not for the good of the Country.
    God bless and rejuvenating weekend to you both. 

  3. sweeti's

    Indeed   for their own party…..self interest we call it…What can we do abt it…..sigh   sigh    

  4. Anant M

    I am trying to offer an open, accountable, transparent and truthful alternative to begin with. People have lost trust in Politicians who are economic with the truth. I am promoting myself as the first amongst equals who will be responsible (if sufficient Independent People sign up to my platform) to form a government truly by the people for the people. Conservatives (sorry New Conservatives) are emulating a lot of my platform about equlaity, diversity, social inclusion, social responsibility, community cohesion, social mobility, social trust, social capital and exemplifying green issues. Look out for my Diwali & the New Year Message*
    Bless you

  5. Destiny Queen

    Anant Jee!
    Kyu dil chottah karteh hai! (why do you make your heart small).I don’t consider you different from us,despite all odds I have pulled your leg constantly lovingly….and you on your part lovingly have beared  my nonsense!
    This blog community is not mine….its your’s as well as each ones!I just stated it! Dil yu bhi na chotta kareh aap!
    I dont know of others…but you have always responded to me…and here I am still facing you…with a cheeky smile on my face…hrmmp! Want to pull your leg again, but i know you will bring a cannon now loooool! I have to behave in your space for the rest to take you seriously!
    Most here have beared me with no code of conduct, I have driven them mad outta their brains, sahab! what to do these germs of mischief are driving me and this entire world mad! Till they can bear me i’m there if not I’m still there eh heh! WICKED!!!
    I would be walking in here time to time…where ever I think my brain works I will question and debate! On sensible grounds…and you need to understand you could be dealing with a person who somewhere has seen extremes of life…one way i may seem very advanced…the other side is i wont even know how to operate a phone properly, or open a can of coke properly! Who would sit on a bus and keep going around in circles till the bus driver says lady, where do you have to drop down? Are you doped!
    Finally, you wrote: “When you have gained some power one can always utilize that to influence other people..”( you have asked)…my reply….
    If there were no thorns how would we feel the rose!
    Smile Now! Good Night!

  6. Destiny Queen

    What is your sixth sense telling you?

  7. Anant M

    DQ Jee
    Taubah! Taubah! Mein dil chhotta nahi kar raha hoon. Magar sari duniyaan ke sare blogs mein – mere blog mein jumm ja ne wali ye musibat ko samaj ne ki koshish kar raha tha. Na jane kyu aisay anjane, anami rooh ki saath bhi mulaakat aur preet ho jaati hai?
    Mere akhri sawal ka jawab aapne tthik tara nahi diya. Ye preet ko justify kar ne ke liye aap kyu bari bari gulab aur kaante ki comparison karti ho? Lagta hai ki aap ko bhi gulab bahoot pasand hai. Mere chaman mein asli khushboo wale gulab ugte hai jis ki saath mein gulkand banata hoon. Paan khaogi kya?
    Itni jaldi ‘Good night’ kahne sey kaam nahi chalega. Shararat kum aur hakikat burha kar likho gi tau aur mazaa aiye gaa. Meri atma (sixth sense) kehti hai ki ‘aap akeli mat jaiyo chakar lagane Bus mein – kahi phus jao gi’ 🙂
    Abhi mein saas ley raha hoon …..:-)

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