North Korea

North Korea – the so-labelled Stalinist regime – conducted its first nuclear test. Bush threatened ‘sever repercussions. Korea responded with a two fingered salute.
Kim Jong-il is deemed to be an ‘erratic unpleasant ruler’ a ‘loose-canon’. I think that description fits Bush perfectly and besides he is not exactly compos mentis – is he?
Comment: how dare one Western Country have the chutzpah to dictate to the rest of the world that it is quite in order for her to have nuclear power but not acceptable for other countries to strive for the same level of self protection!
Economic sanctions is the most ill-considered actions. That would hurt the most poorest and vulnerable people and achieve nothing but more human misery. Both threats and bribery have proved ineffective. West must either accept N Korea into its nuclear club or launch an attack on its weapon sites if it dares. The only palatable option is to negotiate.
West needn’t worry about Korea selling its nuclear weapons to terrorists as those could be traced by its nuclear signature – as if US being traced as the supplier to Israel during the current Israel Lebanon war made any difference in its attitude or aptitude for war-mongering propensity. There is nothing that US can do to make N Korea reverse course. It had better put up or shut up.
India as a nuclear nation – not US’s poodle – has significantly shifted the Global Nuclear Compass irretrievably towards the East. It is about time.


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8 responses to “North Korea

  1. Destiny Queen

    Anant Jee!Chayee chayeeeeeee meant…aap ghar ja ruheh theh…aapko chaye offer kiya meneh! India ke railway platform meh jaise karteh hai…
    Garib ki chaye meh jo pyaar ki khooshboo ati hai…wo ameeri chaye meh kaha ati hai!
    Aap ko ek baar kaha tha…mereh domain meh aapki beizzati na hogi….aapki daa’wat kabool karti hu!
    Hummeh yaha ke raaste samaj nahi ateh……aapko takleef karni paregi!
    Aasha hai ki immigration officer ka samna na karna pareh mujeh!

  2. Destiny Queen

    I must say…Sensible of India to shift!
    I think US has failed terribly on many ocassions!
    Its time for it to behave…..The respect and standing that they gained over a period of time will settle in dust… we do see dust everywhere!
    It’s easy to reach up there…but to remain there is a the real challenge!

  3. Destiny Queen

    Lol bareh besharm hai sahab!
    One never asks a woman her age…and aap hai ki!!!!!!
    Jee aapko text kar dungi…jab aap free ho baath kar le!
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Destiny Queen

    I think the phone numbers here are your office numbers…..maybe i will call there and let you know.

  5. Destiny Queen

    Morning Anant Jee!
    I usually dont keep a mobile…..a friend is organising a tele card for me to use….As soon as i get it i will contact you!
    Aise na ho…ki leher samunder ki pathar se takrata ruheh…..Kahi leher hai tho kahi pathar bhi hai hum!
    Jo bhi milta hai farishte ki tareh milta hai…koi insaan nahi tereh sheher meh?
    heyyy…kasam se looool gulkhand kaise  hoga  aapka dahi wala bheja!

  6. Destiny Queen

    Mew Mew Anant Jee…
    Spoke to you over the phone…….
    It was nice confusing you further looooooool…..
    Well whatever i think the way we both decided pulling each others leg here would be muccccch better….I guess meeting is not so important….The distance is too much! Awww me cant make that effort and i certainly would not expect you to put so much effort either…..You have obligations in life unlike me! Cant misuse your sweetness!
    Have a  nice day….smileee

  7. Anant M

    DQ Jee
    Thank you for allowing me to return the call. Since you are our special mehmaan, I felt duty bound.  although I wrote quite a lot earlier and went to watch the 6 O’Clock News – when I returned I had an e-mail from my eldest brother which I read and clicked-off – but at the same time I lost my input. Never mind.
    As I have mentioned to you that I am fully open, accountable and transparent to my family. They all know about you and your dialogue with me. You will be warmly welcomed at in my home. Aap ka swagat hoga – pittai nahi.
    Whatever freedoms that I myself have acquired are also available to the rest of my family. Championing equality and exemplar behaviour demands that of me. You may brush it off and say ‘yeh sub dikhava hai’ this is for the media consumption….Whatever… I have made one motto my motto of life since I was 13 and here it is:
    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain:If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,Or help one fainting robinUnto his nest again,I shall not live in vain.  — Emily Dickinson
    I have to quote others because I am not as talented as you. But you get the meaning.  You write penetrating verses. You have an enviable talent. You could transfer this skill in English too. You have the ability. I have faith in you. I shall and will not say more than that.  Couple of your friends will comment as this may ring the bell.

  8. Destiny Queen

    Anant Jee…
    Shukriya…will reply tommorrow……was late in the gym!
    Have a lovely time with your family!

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