In 1948 Aneurin Bevan developed his plan a NHS assuming, quite logically, that over the years the nation’s health would improve and hence it would be less expensive to run the NHS. But despite billions of pounds ploughed in as alleged by Labour (which several Chief Executives of PCTs [ Primary Care Trusts have told me they have never seen] and billions wasted in nonsensical pursuits like the £6.2 bn state-of-the-art IT system which actually cost 4 times as much and which no one wants or wants to use and overmanning of the NHS with more target-driven, pen-pushing beds-space chasing managers than actual service providers now resulting in having to make more than 20,000 staff redundant (at which cost might one ask?) – the list of incompetent Government devolving incompetent Boards and management through out the nation is endless as it is shameless. The patient care of the most vulnerable and with it the health of the nation has suffered a severe thrombosis. No one likes to or even wants to admit it but the cost mounts. No one is taking of saving the waste. But everyone is taking of rationing. But on what grounds?
National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE – a nice one) has to decide on rationing priorities. Last week it advised that drugs that delay the onset of Alzheimer’s should not generally be available on the  NHS. This is like rubbing salt into the wound for the patients and their relations. If not NICE should Politicians be made to confront such unpopular decisions? Some one suggested that the trouble with democracy is that it makes unpopular decisions difficult to make. And such wise theorists are quick to suggest that sometimes unpopular decisions need to be made.
I totally disagree. If this incompetent Govt and its incompetent delivery vehicles in the NHS had better managed their projects and funds from May 1997 – the need ever to make unpopular decisions ought not have arisen.
As I have stressed before that those most vulnerable members of our society (with mental health issues) including the elderly are discriminated against. The NHS under this laughable Labour Govt can afford £1.5bn on (incompetent) management consultants but cannot afford a meagre £2.50 per day for its Alzheimer’s patients! NICE (an ironic abbreviation) decided it was not cost-effective to give three drugs to patients with early onset of Alzheimer’s but only to those on medium or severe Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile they have been administrating anti-psychotic drugs (with detrimental side effects) to elderly sufferers of dementia only to sedate troublesome patients as opposed to providing a number of skilled staff to look after them. Such neglect is rampant in many geriatric wards and private homes. Politicians are pretending that they do not have elderly parents or that they themselves, somehow, will be spared from such degrading affliction.
As I have said a number of times before – the true measure of a ‘civilisation’ is how it treats its most vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens.
latest 1 Nov 2006: NHS was never safe in their hands:

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  1. Destiny Queen

    Ah! Yes the nhs…a racket and a nuisance somewhere…being so advanced yet the people loosing faith!
    The series of waits…are they better than any other third world country?
    Atleast in asian countires the doctors have guts to go ahead and try save the patient…here by the time those papers and formalities are signed….lord help!!!
    The legal structure has made doctors a mass of fear! In fear can one be treated in a proper manner?
    Modernisation….Webs of confusion!
    The so called computer has failed somewhere….the data was even lost once wow!
    I wonder how a patient feels…his/her history available to each doctor….I thought medical grounds meant….protection of the patient…the psychological factor…has not been considered here i guess…..
    well i hope they succeed in their venture!

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