Comment: I am glad this has now happened. It was overdue. Not a day sooner. I hope it also covers men and trans-sexuals and that it has effective teeth without the battered victims have to languish for decades in the hope of effective justice. At the same time I hope it does not give a  license to all Indian women to discard their positive chaaritra (character) with the filthy bath water.
This is definitely a positive legislation for which to be successfull – all must work together including concerned neighbours to alert the perpetartors the serious consequences of their loss of emotional intelligence before reporting them to the authorities and the authorities which are more male orientated must have a cultural change (parivartan) accepting that such outragious behaviour is not becoming of the modern Indian citizen – male, female or mixed.
Justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done.

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  1. Destiny Queen

    Lol Anant Jee!
    Ye kya hai? I did not get ir clearly…
    Lapaka Japaka tun aarey badarwa.. yaad ata hai. Kya taal tha aur kya ttaal thi?
    Well the only one who lost a fraction of hair is my dad… he says he lost it when he married mom…and when he sees me now…..he says it wont take him long to be bald! Lol
    You are in safe hands no worry…while you lose your hair you wont even feel the pinch eh heh!
    By the way…the above post is very interesting…..the same story repeats year after year…i hardly see much changes…
    Rhe women in India is conditioned to such an extent that exploitation many times begins from home! They dont even know where lies the difference…..
    And even if laws are  there…Indian women will still suffer…she will take most of the crap….family unsupportive….society ready to pelt stones……financially women so dependent on men…fathers or husbands…..and even if they do work…..they still take this crap….
    Handling one man gets difficult in a system there…how do we expect these ladies to walk away and start anew!
    As for legal support…Its good…somewhere women may use this as a weapon to use against men too…but i guess…so be it…men have been cruel to the indian women …a lot….they have exploited the very essense of a women….
    Turbulences…..reactions…..but then too….the indian women….is one of the most sturdy woman i have ever seen…..To Take All This Crap!

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