Benn calls for cluster bomb ban – a little rich and late in the day

Comment: Mr Benn (junior) unlike his well respected and credible father – has suddenly become wise after the event in Lebanon and has suddenly developed international humanitarian empathy just prior to declaring himself candidate for the Deputy Prime Minister’s post. Funny how such lucrative jobs happen to focus most wheeling-dealing politico’s mind?
Perhaps I ought to remind such seemingly altruistic politicians of my entry:



Some politicians may take advantage of the well known fact that people have very short memories. I would qualify that statement …some people have short memories..


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2 responses to “Benn calls for cluster bomb ban – a little rich and late in the day

  1. Destiny Queen

    Sorry Anant Jee!
    been busy!
    Hic! Hic!Abhi ayi lol
    Sach meh itna yaad karteh hai that you have not even dropped a hello mew! mew!
    Fingers tho humareh bhi kuch hi kaam kareh hai key board par….
    how are you how goes life eeks the cold here is notorious!
    Aapke space meh fir ek sun saan si chaaya …..
    Aapna khayal rakhe…

  2. Destiny Queen

    Hello Anantjee!
    Ehsaan koi kisi par nahi karta…Theres a price for everything!
    But here there is no price…chalte firte insaan hi…bye kar jaatha hai…
    Jab aapka dil kareh fursat mileh aap mehfil meh shamil ho jaana…yaha ki rung tho ani ..jaani hai….pal doh pal ka mela hai…fir karva ki aur chalte jaana hai…
    The weather is orrrible here! mew!
    You take care and mew mew smile pwz!

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