Faith Schools – “the fastest U-turn in British political history”.

Comment: Although Hindus have only one school in Britain – I am still against Faith Schools because I consider those eventually leading to segregated non-cohesive Britain. I feel that the needs of the diverse communities in mainstream education ought to be met at the mainstream schools including learning one’s own mother-tongue.
Like I’ve said before, at my high school in Mombasa, Kenya, which was built by a philanthropist Kutchch Gujarati Muslim named Allidina Visram – we had readings from one of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish and Zoroastrian holy texts at our daily morning Assemblies. Our Principal was a Welshman who lived in his bungalow built on the cliff on site with a magnificent view of the sea. English Language and English Literature teachers were also white. Yet all the knowledge and experience gained on overseas postings appears to have been lost in Britain.
Since 1980 as a Chairman of School Governors in Milton Keynes – I have been persuading the power brokers and the policy makers that they would neglect sciences and maths at their own peril.
Despite Tony Blairs pre-1997 election – empty mantra "Education, Education, Education", he has, only near his disgraced departure after 9 years, suddenly seen the ‘light’.
What a pity?

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