Parents must do better – Johnson (the Deputy Leader of New Labour hopeful)

Comment: Like that political hype by Benn Junior mentioned earlier – this too is a little rich and a little late only by 20+ years in my books given the fact that as a Chairman of School Governors in Milton Keynes in 1980s – my first address to the parents (under the Tories Education Policy) was to educate them that the prime and sole responsibility of imbibing the love of learning in their ‘little angels’ was theirs and they ought not to treat the first schools as ‘convenient crèches ‘ to dump their ‘little darlings’ at the mercy of the school (without any effort on their part) and expect the schools to miraculously turn out the ‘apples of their eyes’ into the future Isaac Newtons, Michaelangelos or even Albert Einsteins.
Besides, he fails to explain why Tony’s mantra of "Education; Education: Education" has even after a decade failed to deliver and on the contrary has produced 40% school leavers who are unable to read, write, spell count or account to anything within this Global Labour Market???
Havens forbid if he thinks that his Union credentials, suave manners and an engaging smile might sustain him in the Deputy’s position, especially this time in the New Labour leadership elections, without delivering?
9 Nov 2006: Johnson backing Brown for leader :
Clever and calculating?
Furthermore about 40% of pupils are abandoning school and education altogether at age 16. If ‘target setting’ and ‘measuring’ performances from Headteachers to pupils’ has been a new labour’s innovation- why aren’t more pupils who previously left school queueing up to rejoin rather than leave in droves?
The simple fact is that New Labour’s newness and spinning has begun to wear thin and fade.

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