‘Super-nannies’ to patronise parents – What ever next??

Comment: First the New Labour creates dysfunctional families by increasing inequalities through incompetent family credit tax system (where fraudsters prospered and those needy were further penalised), welfare benefit system changes, housing benefit changes, heath care changes, school administration changes , further education excess fees, excluding poor pupils from mainstream higher education, meddling with sciences and maths until it is too late to recover from Global market incompetency bestowed upon the main population of the nation and incessantly interfering in their lives and furthermore by removing parental choice, initiative and responsibilities.
Now having created a generation of dysfunctional families unable to get out of foisted poverty trap and social immobility and having realised the true the cost of supporting such families with majority anti-social children thriving on ASBOs as street credibility as opposed to academic qualifications – this not so New labour further labours to teach the dysfunctional "good-for-nothing" parents (who have never worked and now are unemployable along with their children) how to instill the love of learning and sense of responsibility and good citizenship into the ‘apples of their eyes’.
This Govt has introduced a plethora of services vying for customers all duplicating each other’s tasks to such an extent that none seem to take ownership of the problem when the s**t hits the fan – so to speak – and deal with it or have the ability to see things through for the disadvantaged who, unfortunately, have remained so under the ten years tenure of the New Labour.
In order to address and eradicate thus New-Labour-inflicted settled disadvantage in the indigenous families – The Govt may even consider sterilising those dysfunctional parents and their children preventing further dysfunctional citizens. That might be one of the ways they could claim dealing with the causes of crime once in their decade of disadvantage. I am not going to talk about how much it is going to cost each citizen for the incompetent project management of staging the Olympics? There is further disadvantage looming to be inflicted upon the least suspecting public.


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8 responses to “‘Super-nannies’ to patronise parents – What ever next??

  1. sillygloop

    Nothing can beat the joint family system and its attendant benefits I guess. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year!

  2. Enter

    Gr8 that u could take in the sights of picturesque and green Cochin n Kerala. Hope ur family members recover their health soon and are able to enjoy the visit to the fullest!

  3. sillygloop

    Thought u’d enjoy this one "being brown is being racist!" 🙂 http://content.msn.co.in/Contribute/Others/UCStory724.htm

  4. sillygloop

    Ah, enjoyed republic day in the capital is it? Pongal was fine…reached home in the afternoon n ate pongal 🙂 Lohri kaisa tha…hope it was a fun time with family members joining in the celebrations. Take care n have a happy n safe journey!

  5. shankar

    hi all,
    any indian Gujarati people living in milton keynes?

  6. Destiny Queen

    Ek Khamoshi…ek sannata sa….

  7. Destiny Queen

    Ek Khamoshi…ek sannata sa….

  8. Destiny Queen

    Ek Khamoshi…ek sannata sa….

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