Talking about Hezbollah leader vows ‘open war’

  This artical was posted on 14 July 2006 but has been re-Blogged today due to need to give access to certain members of Hindu Council for UK.


Hezbollah leader vows ‘open war’


 Israel-Lebanon map


The crisis began when Hezbollah guerrillas seized two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid from Lebanon on Wednesday. Eight Israeli troops were also killed.

Israel responded with a major offensive – its biggest in more than two decades. The targets included not only Hezbollah positions but strategic sites like main roads, bridges and Beirut’s international airport.

Comment: As I have mentioned before tit-for-tat will not deliver workable solutions. Even in losing one has to have the emotional intelligence with magnanimity to extend the hand in true truce. It is in such unconditional forgiving that the hardest blow is struck upon the merciless perpetrators. The change which then become imminent on both sides will become sustainable.

Israel – Hebrew for ‘To Fight for God’. ‘El’ means God. If that is the case what are Palestinians fighting for? Both must remember this: To love another person is to see the face of God.

Referring to my previous entry about Norther Ireland Mixed Communities:

I am not here only to promote Hindu school of thought but to promote internationally accepted theological concepts of Henotheism & Panentheism as explained in my previous entry on Mixed Cummunities in Northern Ireland. Without these becoming the mainstream concepts within the Interfaith Communities world over – there is very little chance of eliciting social capital out of faith and therefore very little chance for sustainable cohesive societies.

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