Comment: You heard it first on this site that both Benazir Bhutto & Nawaz Sharif met secretly in London quite some time ago to plan their return to Pakistan with one common aim [amongst adversaries] to oust the dictator.

As elections approach, exiled leaders Benazir Bhutto and
Nawaz Sharif, both former prime ministers, threaten to return to the
country with the express aim of effecting a regime change.

But Gen Musharraf, like his predecessors, is fighting to
keep his military office and his special powers under the constitution
to dismiss governments and parliaments.

Thus, the story of Pakistan continues to be one of
despotic regimes using religious extremists and external support to
keep the secular democratic forces at bay; and when these forces do
assert themselves, to tie them down in legal constraints that are
designed to ensure their failure.

It is the story of a society that has been going round in circles for the last 60 years.30/08/07 Bhutto ‘close to Musharraf deal’ So is [I’d say]  Nawaz Sharif as mentioned on my site last year about the ‘top secret meeting in London between Bhutto & Sharif’. This is a very convenient arrangement between the previous ‘badmaash’ of Pakistaan excluding the sectarian involvement & vote.

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