Partitioning India over [acrimonious] lunch

Memoirs of a British civil servant never seen in
public until now show how much the partition of India was decided by
just two men, the BBC’s Alastair Lawson reports.

"The trouble was that Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs were an
integrated population so that it was impossible to make a frontier
without widespread dislocation."

Beaumont goes on to argue that it was "irresponsible" of
Lord Mountbatten to insist that Beaumont complete the boundary within a
six-week deadline – despite his protests.

Comment: Here was a perfectly melted pot which was deliberately destroyed to smithereens by the marauders who could not understand or accept the ease with which it existed in such harmonious ease with its richest diversity on this Earth.

Yet the same people are now [in Britain] trying or shall we say attempting to cohere the very communities they were instrumental in disintegrating in India for nefarious reasons? It like acting both as the poacher and then as the gamekeeper. That way they remain in demand for generations even though they have nothing substantial to offer the World?

As a British East African Kenyan Indian Hindu I had better hold a gigantic mirror at both the British Establishment & the Government for their misdemeanours. I could not live at ease with myself otherwise. I could not have been true to my Dharma [my true inherent self].

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