HCUK had a successful peaceful demonstration at the Indian High Commisssion, Aldwych, London

India’s secularism has discriminated and is discriminating against the Indic Dharma viz Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh.
We were demonstrating because it is not acceptable
  • to see half million Kashmiri Hindus displaced from their birth rights and birth place
  • to see terrorists who bombed Bangalore, Ahmedabad and other Indian cities go unpunished
  • to see the Indian Govt remain silent on the plight of Malaysian Hindus who have no citizenship, social, economic, educational, religious and civic rights even after several generations have been born there.
  • to see the Indian Govt not decisively and incisively deal with Hindus’ right to religious access to Amarnath and other shrines [situated in Pakistan due to separated from India during the indecently hurried and mismanaged partition by the British in August 1947]
  • to see the Indian secularism [for the greed of the block Indian Muslim vote] skewed against the inherent interest of the Hindu majority

SANY2381  SANY2382  SANY2383

SANY2384  SANY2385  SANY2386



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