Anti-apartheid icon Helen Suzman – a great soul passes away

Dr [Mrs] Suzman, a member of parliament first for the opposition United
Party and later the Progressive Party, was an outspoken critic of
and the only white MP to have the conviction, courage, character and chutzpah to stand, in the minority of one, against apartheid.She was an exemplar who held her South African colleagues practising racial discrimination to account. A very rare breed of Atmas [souls] who exemplified human rights, social and racial justice and equality.

She was the only candidate, since the first South African parliament
was established in 1910, to be elected by a white constituency on a
platform that clearly rejected racial discrimination.

I am personally saddened by her loss from this ever strife stricken world. This World will be so much poorer and less just without the likes of her.

I hate bullies and like simple justice
Helen Suzman  

Obituary: Helen Suzman


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