The UK government is failing to get its position over Gaza across to British Muslims, a cabinet minister has said.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears told the BBC the UK faced a
"worrying time" amid fears that the war was radicalising some young

She said the UK had supported the UN call for a ceasefire and had urged Israel to let more aid into Gaza.

"But I think that [position] isn’t necessarily getting across in the way that I’d like to see," she continued.

Ms Blears said ministers needed to make sure that people "don’t feel that there’s hypocrisy and double standards".

Note: When Tony Blair was the PM, the same scenario happened when he kept a blind eye on indiscriminate carpet bombing of innocent Lebanese children, many of whom were later maimed and killed by coming across unexploded carpet bombs in their play areas.

Tony is now acting as a Middle East Peace Envoy. What a chutzpah. If that does not wreak of hypocrisy and double standards – what does?

See my previous entry ‘Poacher turned Gamekeeper’ in June 2007*

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