“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

After Mrs Sirima Bandaranaike [The world’s first woman prime minister,in Sri Lanka] , Mrs Indira Gandhi [nee Nehru] India’s first woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher [Britain’s first female PM] , I am very very glad that Barack Hussein Obama [with a gene pool from my birth country Kenya] who could not expect to be served in USA Restaurant 60 years ago as he asserted, has take the oath to be the 44th President of Diverse if not united and indiscriminate states of America.

I wish him God’s speed, long life and two terms to do what he is here to do – deliver social, economic and environmental, political and religious justice.

He must address the balance between security and liberty, greed and responsibility which his predecessor got it very wrong. History has started. It will be made when he gets it right.

So help him God.

Aum Shanti

Full text: Obama speech

American dream will only become a reality and sustainable when the thinking, rhetoric, and actions become congruent with and exemplary of the CHANGE

It is the beginning of the day USA claimed their Country back. President Obama has 80% of the US mandate whilst exiting George Bush has merely 22% even lower than ****ing Nixon had in his lowest ebb 25%.

I hope that in all this euphoria the indigenous Indians are not excluded*

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