Council house blues & reds

After the sacrifices of the Second World War, families should no longer
have to endure cramped, damp homes provided by unscrupulous owners. The
state would become landlord instead.

From Feb 1977 to Dec 1979 I too was a Council tenant and I have never remained or chosen to be unemployed.

Housing essentially is for the needy and not the greedy. Although the
Thatcherite RTB [Right to Buy] was a good idea to give social mobility
to the Council tenants – in London it has been abused and exploited by
fraudulent speculative people and real estate companies – the greedy.

Hence the current Labour Govt reduced the discounting allowances in London. But did not address the fraud. Now this.

after 30 years the Councils may be able to build new homes the problems
created by the current Labour Govt of excessive unchecked
permissiveness in Asylum Seeking and immigration since May 1997 has
lead to the current unrest in the indigenous masses waiting to get a
look in in the social housing lottery. Quite rightly so because the
common points scheme administered by the DCLG [Dept for Communities
& Local Govt] is inherently unfair in that the recently arrived
Asylum seekers with between 7 to 10 members in the family – usually all
Muslims – are housed in private accommodation with sky high rents all
subject to full Housing Benefits and access to myriad of other benefits
making the recently arrived immigrants significantly more advantaged
than the disadvantaged indigenous Council tenants. Thus they [the
arrivals] have more housing points and invariably always get a first
bite of the housing cherry when a local 3-4 bedroom property becomes
vacant. Despite this ‘relative advantage’ my experience is that these
irresponsibly large families keep refusing such opportunities
repetitively. Hence they cannot be in Housing need. It is housing
greed. When they do accept – their very first concern happens to be
whether there is an enshrined Right to Buy!

I have written to
Hazel Blears but she has refused to accept my word as an anubhavi
[experienced] Council employee with an audit nose preserving the public
purse from being plundered by parasites who have rarely contributed or are ever likely to positively contribute to the UK economy. They do not speak a phrase in English. Despite being required to attend English learning schools, again at the great public expense, they are unwilling attendees just trying to bide their time. 

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