Blair urged to ‘reconsider’ job  by his friend in sleaze Lord ‘cash for honours’ Levy


Asked if he thought Mr Blair should step down, Lord Levy said: "As a
friend I would say to him, do you feel you have the time, do you feel
you have the tools, to really make a difference in this arena?

What this means is that given that Blair never had the talent nor credibility for it is now seen as an incompetent unable to deliver dodger. Given that Bush’s gift to him for his ‘loyalty’ is wearing thin with Obama and the rest of the World, Levy wants to see his ‘friend in deed’ leave this Global arena with some unblemished credibility that could be salvaged if at all.


Sunday 8 March: Or could this unusual foresight or even premonition on the part of Lord Levy be attributed to what he knows about "Demands for MI5 ‘torture’ inquiry" 
regarding UK resident Binyam Mohamed claims MI5 fed his US captors questions, at a time he said he was being tortured in Morocco?


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