Gordon Brown

Brown makes e-mails apology

Much before the imminent Earth’s magnetic field reversal – this is the reversal of the New Labour Party’s political and moral field. And what compass? The party has lost it’s direction and purpose. It is running around like a headless chicken, which is an insult to the poor chicken, not knowing what if anything it could do to just simply survive? Demise of a party with a needleless compass is inevitable and imminent – unless it is ruthless in implementing root and branch reform.

Open ,accountable and transparent governance does not happen by Blair & Brown sound bites. The Govt has to be exemplary like that of President Obama

President Obama’s release of four "torture memos" outlining harsh interrogation methods sanctioned by the Bush administration is the step in the right direction and doing the right thing.

Likewise the politicians have to have experience of the other side of life or what is generally called the University of Life. Spending one’s entire life in Westminster village is not conducive to being "attuned to the public pulse" – another Blair empty sound bite.


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