He and Blair certainly had chutzpah. All presentation – no representation – no truth – no authenticity – no dependability – no credibility. All sound and fury but cannot beat the Jury. Every citizen in this Country now has, un-expected and unacceptable Government foisted ‘debenchers’ [promissory notes or IOUs] of about £12,500.00 thanks their incompetence in managing our economy as if we did not know this in May 1997?

But we were seduced by sound bites and presentations that now sound only too hollow, false and a façade.

Caveat emptor – buyers beware or electors beware must be the the current buzz word. This is an unimaginable
hole not black but white and that too in
White Hall. Get it clear. You have seen the cow boys….study and
where your valuable vote must go, this time, of political, social and undoubtedly economic change?

Chancellor Alistair Darling says borrowing will reach £175bn, as he
forecasts the UK economy will contract 3.5% in 2009/10
For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

The world economy will shrink in 2009 – the first global recession since
World War II, the IMF says.
For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

I leave you to decide by insight, intuition, information or intellect given that the New Labour Flash Gordon
Mantra was not to borrow more than 40% of GDP but now the very New Laboured Labour are borrowing 79%
of the GDP. You decide what impact that has on your economic well-being let alone social and environmental well-being.


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