Britain stands accused of short changing the Ghurkhas. Tens of thousands of
them have fought for the British Empire forward. The government stands accused
tonight of reneging on an agreement to allow some 5,000 veterans to resettle
here. Instead, the qualifications of so doing are so high that only a hundred
are expected to make it here.

If I were consulted on whether I’d prefer thousands of uneducated, unwilling and unable to work, exclusivist illegal or even legal infiltrators/ immigrants hell bent upon fleecing the resources of this Country, committing crimes against citizens of this Country and the state rather than contribute to its social mobility and GDP compared to these exemplars who for generations have laid their lives on the line for this, I repeat this Country with second to none loyalty, bravery, dedication, courage and personal sacrifice – you very well know what my choice would be and more importantly what YOUR choice would be.

You may have voted for this unjust, uncaring and incompetent Government. You have a choice not to repeat the business their way. Exercise it with wisdom and understanding. I am, tonight, ashamed, like Joanna Lumley, to be British for we, the British, have failed these Gurkhas in discahrging our moral and legal obligations towards them. This is very hard for me to say this as my loyalty to Britain is beyond reproach.

If like me you think the Gurkhas and others like them have been treated unjustly – try the Jury Team and vote for us for imminent, indefinite and inevitable CHANGE.


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