Removal of Saddam Hussein ‘right’, says Tony Blair

Tony Bliar says he would have attacked Iraq even if WMD were non-existent. That is sheer temerity of a ex-PM of GB PLC let alone a ‘Game-keeper’ [albeit Bush appointed] in the Middle East Peace Process and, wait for it, the founder of Tony Bliar FF. What Global credibility he has to get his foot in let alone ever succeed in negotiating a semblance of a peace process? To claim that this admission, which we all knew to be true all along, beggars belief – does injustice to the surprise element of the phrase. It does not beggar belief. I have been one of the very few outspoken people to oppose the Iraq assault and to do a write up on ‘Poacher turned Gamekeeper’ when he was ‘entrusted’ by G Waste-of-space Bush to oversee the Middle East Peace Process. A Barrister and a PM audaciously lying in the House of Commons?

The question remains about the conspicuous silence of the Parliamentary Ethics and Standards Committee & more surprisingly that of the British Bar Council. Hard-working, honest & accountable Barristers are requested to report this to Desmond Browne QC &

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