22 new Chinook helicopters and other equipment for Afghanistan but is making cuts to fund them, citing “acute cost pressures”.


There’s something iffy in the MoD woodshed.

A £1.5bn cut in all sorts of stuff including Harrier Jump Jets and an RAF
airbase announced on the very day that the defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth
announces a £900m investment in more helicopters and anti-IED mine measures. But
the two are not related it seems. These
cuts …are about cost overruns and systemic problems inside the MoD purchasing

There is another coincidence today – the publication of a report from the
National Audit Office which says that £6bn more in defence cuts will have to
occur as a result of the pre-budget report over and above today’s announcement.
Further they say that if budgets are frozen at the MoD in future spending rounds
then the sum could run to £36bn.

Before this govt came in, I did not know what a million was. Now they do not talk in anything less than £billions. They confuse and befuddle the issues to keep the public guessing or utterly fed-up. That is their style. Do not let that fool you any more.

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