Rajiv Shah – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rajiv Shah – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Amongst numerous other Indian Americans given prominent positions in Obama Administration by President Obama, this nomination announced on Nov 10th of Dr Rajiv Shah as the Head of USAID [Agency for International Development with the current budget of $39.5 bn] is the highest position to which an American Indian has been appointed; yet.

This is a supreme achievement for Dr Rajiv Shah and perhaps [pending other appointments] the jewel in the Crown of American Indian Indians. Very uplifting news for our community in the US and a very resounding pat on the back of Barack Obama administration. This certainly leaves Britain far far behind the equality & diversity agenda the three main political parties only too readily and often purport at each election cycle without delivering the goods. It is like the Yeti – everyone hears about it but no one has seen it. It is time to deliver social, economic and political justice in March or May 2010.

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