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The Hindu View [My question to Gordon Brown PM at COP15] 16 Dec 2009 via Avaaz.

The developed nations are comparatively developed by abusing the privilege. Now they are jointly bamboozling the under-developed ones from ever setting a foot on the very ladder, almost akin to sawing off the lower rungs after one has climbed.

How can the developed nations adopt the Hindu view, begin to act responsibly forthwith lightening their heavy CO2 footprints [just in the same way that people in Britain changed wasteful behaviour and stopped using plastic bags] and side-by-side enable the under-developed nations with the eco-friendly tools and infrastructure necessary to also progress and prosper in fairer, equitable & sustainable manner?

President Obama has just provided the answer by admitting being the second greatest polluter and putting in place measures and money [conditional] to lead the process for others to follow. This has certainly dissolved the clot [at least one of them] from severely thrombosed arteries of COP15 negotiations.

What this conference needed most was this exemplary clot-busting measures from the secod most pulluter nation on this Earth paving the way clear for others to follow. The Accord [ a gentlemen’s agreement] is the most this very diverse conference, at this late stage, can ever hope for. Anything else would be a miracle. But in my view the Accord ought to be based on the British stock trader’s ‘my word is my bond’ dependability and accountability.

Latest: 18 Dec 2009 19:15

The climate change summit has broken down.

In short, what has happened today is that, as expected, Air Force One delivered the Messiah- like figure of Obama into this otherwise lacklustre arena.

But against expectation, Obama delivered a full-frontal assault on the Chinese without ever mentioning the name. His central attack was focused on China’s refusal to allow outside monitors to come in and verify the carbon emission levels that China has been claiming…. See More

A briefing with Gordon Brown. He doesn’t use the word breakdown but he does accept that there are now two massive stumbling blocks: the Chinese monitoring and the overall targets for worldwide carbon emissions.

Having listened to him, it appears that this summit has truly broken down and that they are just looking for the right words to explain it.

The leaders have gone into another session, a final one. What Brown says is that everything now hangs on a meeting between Prime Minister Wen – who is leading the Chinese delegation – and President Obama. Just now someone on the Chinese delegation said that Mr Wen had already left. Brown says he’s still in his hotel.

If that meeting takes place it is just possible something might be salvaged from this. If it doesn’t the whole thing has collapsed. President Obama has had a pvt meeting with the hurt Chinese President Hu. They’re saying it was acceptable. Even if there is an agreement we will not be ‘acting’ until 2011 by which time Mexico City Conference will be imminent. America being the biggest and irresponsible polluter thus far before the rise of China, ought not show the chutzpah of enforcing inspection regimes on the woken up giants like China. America better watch out. President Obama has cancelled his flight and is staying in Copenhagen to sort this out through the night. Watch this space very closely indeed.

Latest: 18 Dec 12009 19:38

They’re deadlocked over a single sentence in the latest draft – the fourth – that leaders and their ministers have looked at today.

It says: “Mitigation actions taken by Non Annex Parties will be subject to their domestic measurement, reporting and verification…”

It appears to have come down to two men. In my view both are not super powers – one is ex-superpower and the other emerging. See my in put on the shift of Global Geo-political and economic power to the East. Despite his Nobel Peace Prize Obama must not ‘dictate’ the terms to the Chinese or else. He can and must negotiate very tactfully indeed. It is tonight or NEVER.


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