Climate deal at-a-glance


The concept that global environmental issues can and should be tacked on a co-operative international basis has taken a massive, massive blow.

The UN climate convention is the flagship agreement, and its outcomes are supposed to be negotiated. This deal was presented to the greater body of countries on a take-it-or-leave-it basis by small group of powerful players.

It is now debatable whether the UN climate convention has a meaningful future, or whether powerful countries will just decide by themselves, or in a small group, by how much they are prepared to cut emissions.

That makes optional the established schemes for helping the poorest countries towards a clean energy and climate-protected future.

The implications for other global treaties that are not meeting their goals, such as the UN biodiversity convention, can only be guessed at.

When after two decades & further two weeks of ‘talks’ a consensus could not be reached, someone has to take the lead, take decisions on hard choices and assert them onto other ‘exclusive but willing partners’ to agree in order that a an agreement to self-control the global toxic behaviours is in place from which to build upon and then elicit participation from other countries as they begin to digest the gravity and the urgency of the decisions taken ‘in camera’. Although I support consensual decision taking, this diverse gathering failed to come up with the globally persuasive solutions. The leader amongst the leaders had to step in. I hope he has done so, as expected of him, for the common good of all.

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