Copenhagen climate summit held to ransom – Gordon Brown

The guilty finger points and having pointed moves on to point at another vulnerable and undeveloped country. Over Konsume [Poet Laureate]

He is right for once about ‘holding …to ransom’ but is wrong in pointing the finger at other countries. He knows that he and his Govt and its partners in global toxic behaviours and crime are the main and sole architects of the impending calamity that befaces this fragile insignificant speck in the entire universal scheme. His finger, if it is open, accountable & transparent, ought to be pointing at the very developed nations who have, with impunity, been holding this fragile eco-system to ransom plundering the resources of those countries he quite readily points his finger at. He also knows that he is the sole architect of this Country’s bankrupt economic condition as compared to other nations which he lead us to believe were doing worse that we were. Who is he going to point his purported prudent Presbyterian fingers at now?

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