From the horse’s arse

What a decade it has been? Of Pseudo-Tories [Bliar & Prescott] the strangest of bedfellows buggering up UK’s credibility through their lies, deceits and ungentlemanly behaviour. The 67-year-old Deputy Premier confessed the fling with 43-year-old Tracey Temple, saying: “I did have a relationship with her which I regret. Prescott who said the “we’re in together for a very rough ride with Bliar” was being honest but not totally. He now regrets not his indiscretions in his office desecrating Temple but the fact that he agreed to Iraq war as a deputy Prime Minister. Was it a pay-off for a special arrangement? He confirms, ” I did listen to some of the video links between Tony & Bush and they are hair-raising. Or to put it more bluntly Bush is crap; you know it, I know it, the party knows it.” He now believes, as the party is about to be annihilated electorally, that he ought to have stood up to Bush – what against the nice little earner he was on courtesy of Bliar? “I’ve often thought well Tony could have said sod you we’re not doing it.” Hindsight is often very invaluable. In this case it applies to both British Asses and one American.

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