The NHS – being bled both by political & legal parasites


By: Presswatch

NHS and Health Sector Summary

The Express reports that most people in England want to see the end of hospital parking charges. A survey has revealed that eight in 10 believe it is wrong that cancer patients have to pay to park. Scotland banned hospital-parking charges for all patients at the start of the year and Wales has also axed fees in NHS-run car parks. The Mirror reports that David Cameron’s vow to back the NHS was said to have been exposed as a sham yesterday after a secret meeting with a group bent on privatising the health service. The Tory leader invited Nurses For Reform to his Commons office for an hour’s talk even though they have branded the NHS a “Soviet-style calamity” and want to see it sold off.

On one hand the NHS bleeds vulnerable patients and their visitors through excessive parking charges. The opposition parties want to cash-in on the story.

On the other hand the NHS is being bled by ambulance-chasing lawyers on no-win-no-fee basis. There was a public disgust about bankers and MPs parasitic behaviours but lawyers appear to have escaped Scot free [no malice towards Scots] comments Ross Clark in The Times. NHS paid out £769m in compensation claims this year – a 60% rise in five years!

Nearly half of that claim went to the greedy lawyers rather than the patients who actually suffered from medical negligence. We, the taxpayers, are effectively paying these greedy lawyers £400 per hour to pick fault with our health care system.

The Govt introduced no-win-no-fee in 2000 courtesy of none other than the infamous Barrister one Tony Bliar and his spouse QC Cherie Blair. This system has created a crippling compensation culture in USA.

Yet nothing has been done to cap the lawyers’ costs or control how and when they can tout for a killing. Most GP surgeries have loop-fed TV adverts from ‘claims-farming companies’. Ironic.

It is high time these parasites, including Hospital CE levying heavy parking charges, are permanently paralysed so that our hard earned money can be spent as intended: on health & social care.

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