Sacred Saraswati River Existed “Beyond Doubt”

Sacred Saraswati River Existed “Beyond Doubt”

Until now, the [Indian] government had denied the existence of the mysterious river. I do not think there is anything mysterious or mythical about the Sacred Saraswati River. These ‘brown baboos’ governing India are, as per my earlier entry, still suffering from the centuries of deliberate and calculated mis-information, lies and denigrating spins perpetrated by the marauding Moghuls & the British. These baboos will even deny the very existence of Vedic Culture [more than 10 thousand years ago] and its ‘soft’ global influence on all world religions. These unthinking ‘brown baboos’ are hell-bent upon destroying the oldest living & surviving civilisation in their own country in places of irrefutable and significant religiosity and environmental importance such as Raam Sethu and Vrindavan on the Sacred River Yamuna

Let them be liberated from the darkness of their own choosing.

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