Hariet Harman says BBC discriminates older women


I was mentioning this gain to my family the other day about Moira Stuart and I was waiting for this Minister for Women & Equality [since 24/04/2007 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6587667.stm & since 24 June 2007 – merely two months after Moira’s exit when Harriet Harman became the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party & First Minister of Women & Equality] to wake up and then use this opportunity to hold a mirror at the BBC, in my view, at the wrong time as it is now evident, like that cheap try by Sir John Major to accredit Conservative Party about Iraq War, that this another cheap attempt, although fully valid, is far too late and deliberately planned to show the very party that has actually managed to increase inequalities, strife and community tensions in this Country is spinning to exemplify otherwise. Hypocrites all of them – including the Cons & LibDems. Now they are planning a merger, of the settled public spongers, to avert the attack from other so-called fringe parties, teams or Individuals like Independents.


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