Loyalty to the electorate or the party?

Choosing between party and constituents Labour’s Karen Jennings and Tory Joanne Cash are standing at the general election and were asked how they would balance party pressures against the wishes of constituents.

The Jury Team has addressed the dilemma in its ethos: Politics for People; Politics without Parties; Politics with Principles.

The Jury Team Proposals [1] End of the Party Whips [2] Transparent Pay for MPs and MEPs [3] An independent Politicians Complaints Commission [4] Capping donations to political parties [5] Elected Select Committees [6] European Legislation applied appropriately [7] Term limits for MPs and MEPs [8] General elections every five years [9] MPs to elect Prime Minister [10] Ministers appointed more sensibly [11] Government departments run by a Board [12] Independent publication of Government statistics [13] Referendums on eight key issues [14] Referendums as requested by 5% of the electorate

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